Vegan Nutella Cupcakes

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There are few treats better than vegan Nutella cupcakes. Find out how to make vegan Nutella cupcakes right at home with help from a food and fashion writer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Tara Redfield. I am a food writer in Los Angeles, and today I am with Christine Oppenheim who is a private vegan chef and owner of Veggie Fixation in Santa Monica, and she is going to show us how to make some vegan Nutella cupcakes. Excellent, thanks so much for having me Tara. Of course. So to start, Nutella itself, the name brand is not vegan. So what I like to do is use different brands. We have Justin's here which is a good vegan brand. It doesn't have any milk in it which is what actual Nutella brand does have or I'll just sometimes just make my own hazelnut butter and mix it with some chocolate. So we're going to use a little of the Justin's today. We start off by putting our non-dairy milk and I use almond milk for it, an organic unsweetened milk and then to that I'm going to add a little bit of the apple cider vinegar which I've already done here and you can see it's starting to curdle a little bit. And about how much milk did you put in it? That is about a cup of milk. Okay, yeah so we have a cup of milk and then in here we have a cup of flour. So it's a one to one ratio. Okay and then how much vinegar did we put in? Just a teaspoon, just a teaspoon, it basically replaces the egg so that it leavens and bonds. Great. So in here we have our baking powder, it's a teaspoon of baking powder, half a teaspoon baking soda and half a teaspoon salt and that gets mixed into our dry flour right there and then we also have a third of cocoa powder and that gets mixed in as well. It's a little lumpy so you might want to sift it at home to get like a smoother cupcake but it won't be terrible. Smoother consistency, okay. And then I like to use my wire whisk and just whisk that a little bit just to break it up and sift it. Mix it all up, good. So we've got that and then I set that aside and I go over to my curdled almond milk and I add three quarters of a cup of sugar to that. And how long should the milk sit out? Just about five minutes is enough to let it curdle, while you're mixing your dry ingredients you can do that. Perfect, okay. And then I have a third of a cup of grape seed oil. You can use Canola oil or any other kind of oil that you like to use. I like to use grape seed because it's a high quality oil and also you know, I like to use it for cooking too because it's high heat. And then I have my vanilla extract and this one actually is bourbon vanilla extract. So fancy stuff and that's a teaspoon of that going into our wet and then most important to get our hazelnut flavors. I have Frangelico. I like to just sniff this stuff. Yeah, want to give it a little whiff? Yeah that's good. Hazelnut deliciousness. Yeah you can use a little Frangelico which is a liquor or you can use hazelnut extract if it's available to you. And then I just put you know, anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon of that and then add that to get a little hazelnut flavor in there. Lost the cap. Whoops, we're dropping it, it's fine. Then I'm going to mix this all up and you just want it nicely combined and you want to make sure that sugar is dissolving and into that I'm going to add a tablespoon to a quarter of a cup depending on how much I want of my, of your Nutella mixture, of my Nutella mixture, yeah. And then we just get that going and mix that in as well so it breaks down. And that just takes a little working just to get it to break up. But once you've got it all smooth you can mix your dry ingredients in. Alright isn't that heaven? Um, I can smell it chocolatey hazelnut. Isn't that heaven? Really good. So you mix the dry in and I give it a couple little whisks and then I set my whisk aside and I grab my spatula or my wooden spoon and just mix it a little bit more and you don't want to over work it because the cupcakes will end up being tough so just enough to mix. So don't over mix. Yeah. Okay. A little lump is fine it's not going to hurt the cupcake. So we have that nicely mixed together and then what I like to do when I'm ready to line my cupcakes, our oven has been pre-heating at 350 so now I go ahead and I get my little cookie scooper, ice cream scooper, and this helps to keep it neat and even and you want it filled about two thirds of the way for cupcakes that will come over the top a little bit and this size scoop I'm going to have to do about a scoop and a half to get it full but we'll take all that and then when these are full, we'll put that in the oven and then bake it for about 20 minutes. Alright and here are our Nutella cupcakes that are all decorated and tell us a little bit about the frosting. Sure, yeah, the frosting is just a basic frosting. I added a little cocoa powder to give it a little chocolate flavor and then we used the Frangelico again or hazelnut extract to give it that, hazelnut chocolate. Sprinkle it on top with a little crumpled hazelnuts and of course a little hazelnut on top. Alright thank you so much Christine. My pleasure.


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