How to Soften Leather Shoelaces

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Leather shoe laces have a tendency to get pretty hard and stiff over time. Find out how to soften leather shoe laces with help from a leather and vinyl professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Aubrey from The Leather and Vinyl Doctor here in Utah. Today, we're talking about how to soften leather shoelaces. Now, leather shoe that have gotten hard, and they've gotten fairly stiff can be worked through with a conditioning cream. I suggest you unlace the shoe, or whatever the garment that it's on, and immerse that in a bowl of conditioning cream. Now, the conditioning cream really, you can be quite liberal with what you use. Now, I'd suggest you use something like this, which is a lanolin-based product, a natural product. We know it's compatible with leathers. But even a hand lotion would probably do the job. So just give it a good dose. Having filled your bowl with the conditioning cream, really work it into the leather, noting the areas that are particularly stiff. Really massage it, work it so that you start feeling some pliability once again in the, in the laces. And once you feel, you feel satisfied, you feel like it's made some sort of a, it's had some benefit to softening those up, just go ahead and put them on a cloth, and then just wipe off the excess. So you can just clean that off. Now they'll feel a little bit wet, of course, because they've been completely saturated in this solution, but they will dry, and I suggest you leave them out to dry, let them dry in the indirect sunlight, and once they're completely dry, you can go ahead and use them, and they should be nice and soft for you. So that's how you take care of shoe laces, leather shoe laces, that have been become stiff.


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