How to Care for Oiled Leather

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Caring for oiled leather requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Find out how to care for oiled leather with help from a leather and vinyl professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Aubrey from The Leather and Vinyl Doctor in Utah. We're here today to talk about oiled leather and how to take care of that. Now oiled leather is a fascinating product. They apply not only oil but they put wax into the leather, very distinct, very noticeable by the fact that you can create all sorts of impressions on the leather by simply running a fingernail over it or running anything over it, cat claws, all sorts of things will show up on the leather and it's a source of a lot of distress for people and naturally so but one of the beautiful things about this leather is that it responds in a very forgiving way to those types of things. Because it has wax, because it has oil, when you warm up that wax and oil and allow it to disperse through the leather, you find that it actually restores the leather to its original look. So the first thing that you want to do if you do have scratches and things of that nature is to generate a bit of heat using a cloth to actually rub the leather. So you rub the leather and start warming it up and dispersing that warmed oil and wax now as it spreads out and gets rid of those marks. If you find that you've got some stubborn marks that are not coming out very easily, you want to intensify that heat maybe using a hairdryer to apply that to that area. In some cases you need to use an actual heat gun but you have to be very careful not to singe or burn the leather. So just do that very cautiously but it's the principle of heat and dispersing the oil and wax. Now if you want to restore the leather to you know a very shiny glorious sort of finish, you can apply some olive oil, some cold pressed good grade olive oil. You just dip some onto a rag and apply that in circular motions and you'll find that that just beautifully highlights the leather once again. Over time, it will absorb back into the leather, but you will find that that finishes it off beautifully. So that is how you take care of oil-based leather.


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