How to Remove the Smell of Cheap Leather

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Removing the smell of cheap leather requires you to identify exactly what is causing the smell. Find out how to remove the smell of cheap leather with help from a leather and vinyl professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Aubrey, I'm one of the owners of The Leather and Vinyl Doctor here in Utah. We're talking today about how to get rid of the smell in some cheap leathers and one of the key things that you want to identify is what's causing the smell. Is it coming from perhaps the chemical protection that goes on the outside of the leather or is it actually caused by something else, something foreign maybe that you've actually been exposed to? Now in either case you want to be able to clean that in some way, shape or form. Most cleaners, most water based cleaners that are sold, pH neutral water based cleaners will do a fairly good job in getting rid of some of the smells that you'll find on the leather itself. But typically it will be a combination of both the cleaner and the conditioner and then airing it out. So put it on a hanger, put it outside, not in direct sunlight but keeping it where you know it's going to get a flow of air in the indirect sunlight and let it just sit out there and just let it air out because typically it's probably your leather item has probably been sitting in a container as it's been shipped around the world and has been there for many months and has just accumulated the smell from all the other jackets that it's pressed up against. So just airing that out, letting it just get some daylight, getting some off gassing if that's the case of some of the sealers that have gone on the top, that's probably the best solution. In the event that you want to give it a clean, as I say, use a leather care cleaner that is specially formulated pH balanced, a pH neutral rather and water based, apply it in circular motions to the jacket, now work the whole jacket carefully just again circular motions, spray it on the cloth. That's the best way to go, allow it to dry and then apply your conditioner, in this case it's something that doesn't have any residual properties to it. This is a lanolin based conditioner that again, going in circular motions it will rehydrate your leather and will hopefully get rid of that smell for you. So that's how we can take care of some cheaper leathers that have some funny smells in them.


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