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Caring for leather pants isn't quite like caring for just any old pair of blue jeans. Care for leather pants with help from a leather and vinyl professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Aubrey Cramer, and I'm one of the owners of The Leather and Vinyl Doctor. We're here today to discuss how to clean leather pants and leather skirts for that matter. Now one of the things you want to identify with your garment in this case is whether it's a finished leather. Now the way to do that and it's very important from a cleaning standpoint, the way to do that is to drop a couple drops of water onto the leather itself and if you notice that it beads up and wipes off fairly easily and it's just not penetrating into the leather itself, then you know what you have is a finished leather which is generally safe with most cleaners. What you'll find if the water is absorbing into the leather, it's telling you that it's a semi aniline or an aniline piece of leather, a less-treated piece of leather which means that you've got to be a little bit more careful because when you introduce a liquid into that leather it's going to retain a lot of that. So here we have a finished piece of leather which is a lot more durable. So what you need to do first of all is to secure yourself a pH neutral water based cleaner. You want something that isn't going to react with the leather. Now always best to check the cleaner in an inconspicuous spot just to make sure that you're not losing some color but as with most cleaners you apply directly onto the leather. Now my suggestion is to actually apply it to a clean cloth a terry towel type cloth like this and then work in circular motions. So work the cleaner into the leather, noticing any kind of pores or crevices, things like that that need a little bit more elbow grease, a little bit more pressure. If you find that you have a lot of inground dirt, you can also use a brush, a soft brush. Again apply the solution to the leather, you work the brush in a circular motion and then using your clean cloth to just wipe that up. Now as you systematically go through the whole piece of leather, just working in small sections at a time, don't go generally and broad with it, you just want to work in small areas, you will eventually finish cleaning that leather and now the leather is actually nice and clean. It's ready to receive a conditioner and again you want to find a conditioner that doesn't have a lot of additives to it. You want to find something that doesn't have silicones to it so that when it dries it leaves a residue. This particular conditioner is predominantly a lanolin based conditioner. Again it has a small amount of water so it's going to dispose itself fairly easily throughout the piece. So again in similar fashion to the cleaner, you use a clean cloth and in this case you want to dampen that cloth so it has a bit of moisture to it and then apply your conditioner directly to the cloth and then work in in circular motions once again your conditioner into the leather so that you have good coverage and good penetration. It will handle like hand lotion, like skin, it will actually sit on the surface but eventually start absorbing through the pores of the leather which are still somewhat exposed, even on finished leather and start penetrating in there and will give you a good result. Now obviously if it's not too dirty, it's not going to show a dramatic result but dramatic or not, keep taking good care of your leather with a good conditioner, with a good cleaner, will help you to take care, in this case of a skirt or a leather pair of pants in a good fashion that will last you a long time.


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