How to Make a New York Burger

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Making the perfect New York City style burger starts with the meat. Find out how to make a New York burger with help from an executive chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael Ferraro, executive chef at Delicatessen in Manhattan, and today I'm going to show you guys the perfect New York City style burger. It all starts with the meat. The meat is the most important part. So I have my blend that I use here at the restaurant is freshly ground 50 percent chuck, 25 percent shortrib and 25 percent sirloin. I like the shortrib in there because it incorporates a good amount of fat which keeps the burger juicy. Then what we do is we form our 10 ounces of ground beef into a mold and press it. We have our apple smoked bacon. We have a ripe tomato, a good quality cheddar cheese, bib lettuce, a brioche bun and butter and salt and pepper. So step one with the perfect burger is seasoning it. We do have 10 ounces of meat here so we've got to make sure we put a good amount of salt and pepper on here. So both sides with salt and pepper, okay. Then we go to the grill with this. So now that our burger is seasoned, we want to go ahead and put it onto a clean oiled hot grill. So what we want to do is to achieve the perfect hatch marks we're going to go ahead, put the burger on, let it sear. We're going to turn it about 90 degrees and we're going to create the crosshatch. The desired temperature that I prefer is medium rare so what we're going to do is let that cook for about two minutes as is there. We're going to turn it the 90 degrees another two minutes and repeat on the other side. So for the turn we just want to go ahead and pick it up, turn it, and let it go again to create that crosshatch. So after about four minutes we go ahead and flip it and let it cook for another two to four minutes on this side. At this point the burger is still rare to medium rare so I'm just going to put some whole butter on top of the burger and then go ahead and remove it and I'm going to let that burger rest. Okay so now that our burger has rested, it's the perfect medium rare, I'm going to go ahead and put our slice of cheddar cheese over and I'm just going to melt it under the broiler. So to assemble our burger, I have a warm brioche bun, our medium rare burger with the melted cheese, our bacon, lettuce, tomato and our top. And there you have it. I'm Michael Ferraro, executive chef at Delicatessen in Manhattan and today I've showed you the perfect New York City style burger. Thanks for watching.


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