How to Isolate Certain Parts of Music

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Isolating certain parts of music will be necessary often throughout the recording process. Isolate certain parts of music with help from a DJ and event planner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Winston Widdes, DJ Evolved, and we're broadcasting from Level 3 Records Studios here in San Diego, California for Today, we're going to be talking about to talk about how to isolate certain parts of music. There's a couple ways to do that so if we look here at our audio sample, one thing we can do is we can simply loop and if we're using a program like Ableton or some of these other programs you can use like a punch in punch out where you can loop the section that you want to hear. So I'm going to create right now a four bar loop and I can move that anywhere I want in a song and just isolate the part of the music and that's great for certain things. Then I can just listen to what I need to over and over again to try to pick out a baseline or a drum line, whatever I'm trying to do. Now another way to isolate is to if I have let's say I have saxophone on this track, vocals on this track, I can simply solo this track if I want to hear just the vocals. I would just hit the solo button and just hear that. Alternatively I could mute this track so I wouldn't hear any vocals and would just hear the instruments right there. So that's two different ways to isolate certain parts of music. So once again, I'm Winston Widdes, DJ Evolved, broadcasting from San Diego, California here at Level 3 Records Studios for and we just finished talking about how to isolate certain parts of music.


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