DIY, Filled-Weight Dumbbell

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You can make your on filled weight dumbbell right at home with a few key tools. Learn about do it yourself weight filled dumbbells with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tyler Tsujimoto with Tsujimoto Fitness located in Midvale, Utah. Today, I want to talk to you about how you can improvise and make your own dumbbells at home. We all know that dumbbells, weight equipment, workout equipment can be pretty expensive. What if we don't have the time and money to put into developing a home gym but we still want to challenge our bodies to the point where we can make the progression that we need. So in order for that to happen body weight exercises are available, those are great. But what about variations from there with dumbbells adding additional weight. Well good news is there's a lot of things that we can do as long as we use our minds and be creative to make additional weights for us. One of them and I'm sure everybody has one of these at home, is a backpack ok. Backpacks are very, very good sources of dumbbells. You can throw in books, if you've been to school you probably have a bunch of those. You can throw in canned food. Anything that you can think of that's not going to make a mess in here and spill you can use to add weight to. And how do you know how much weight you have in there? Simply enough just set it on your bathroom scale. Once you fill it up a little bit if you want five pounds weigh it out see where it is. Add or take out a little bit more weight to get it to where you want it to be. You got a lot of handles on it. You can use the handle here you know do bicep curl type exercises. You can even wear it like a backpack and it would kind of serve the same purpose as a weight vest as well. So if you wanted to do pushups, jumping jacks, running in place, jump rope, things like that with a little additional weight you can put the backpack on. And if you have the option this one straps around the chest as well. That may help hold it a little more stable and secure for you. So backpack is a great option. Pretty much everybody has them. You can fill it with a lot of weight too. You could make it very heavy if you needed too. Alright another option for a do-it-yourself dumbbell is a water bottle. This is a little bit larger water bottle then maybe typical for most people. The reason I like this one is for this option is because it has the handle here. Okay. The handle is nice so you don't have to try to keep your grip really wide squeezing on the whole time. And when this is full and the lid is on secure I can grab that handle and do any movement I want. I can lay down and do chest presses. I can do rowing movements, biceps. I can do overhead stuff. I can do whatever I want with this. And again you just fill it with more water or dump more water out of it if you need to adjust the weight. and also this is a good reminder to keep hydrated while you are working out. If you are working out with the water weight that should remind you all the time that you need to be drinking water as well. So these are my suggestions for do-it-yourself dumbbells at home. Very easy, simple to do. And now you have no excuses for not using weights. Again this is Tyler Tsujimoto with Tsujimoto Fitness. And this was how to create your own dumbbells out of goods that you may at your own home.


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