How to Make Tasty Italian Breadsticks

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Making tasty Italian bread sticks is one way to instantly become the most popular person in your family. Make tasty Italian bread sticks with help from a true culinary adventurer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Chef Rachelle Boucher with Standards of Excellence Appliances, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances. I'm here in our gorgeous showroom and I'm going to bake today. I want to show you how to make tasty Italian bread sticks. I'm going to make the dough and I'll also show you a way to kind of cheat. We're going to use a pre-made dough. It's a great way to go. So first we're going to start with making a dough. It's a really, really simple pizza style dough. So I have all purpose flour here. Really nice. I'm going to stir in the salt. The salt has to be stirred in, just blended a little bit. Now we're going to bloom the yeast. So that is just getting a little bit of warm water into the yeast. I'm going to start with a quarter cup of warm water, just warm to the touch, and then we're going to put that right into the mixture. This is a little bit of honey. I'm going to stir that together then I'm going to stir in the yeast and let that bloom. It's going to go in. While that is happening we're just going to wake those guys up, give them something to eat, get them going. And then I'm going to add a little bit of olive oil. The olive oil goes in. Now you can do this in a food processor. I'm using my Kitchenaid mixer and just stirring all of that in. Now the next step will be adding the remaining warm water. So this is about another 3/4 cup. We've already done a 1/4 cup, so 1 cup total. Just going in with that. In we go. This will get stirred together. I'm going to bring it together with a dough hook until it forms a ball. I'll come back here and knead it. Alright so this dough has risen for about 2 hours in a cool spot and I"m ready. It actually was in an oiled bowl like this one. So I knocked it out of that bowl and now it's on my cutting board which has a little bit of flour and I like to use a little corn meal. I think one of the things that's nice about bread sticks is having a little bit of texture in there. So I'm going to roll this out and it's just really fun to work with. It moves around really well. And I'm going for a pretty thin result. So you can kind of square it off if you choose. Also if the dough is cold. For example if you're using a pizza dough, a prepared pizza dough, you want to get that warmed up to room temperature or it will fight you. You'll be rolling it and rolling it and attempting to get it straightened out and it will just keep fighting back. Also if you knead it too much and don't let it rest those gluten proteins which are making it fight back or stretch back, are also going to just continue to pull it tighter and tighter, not allow you to roll it out. So a little bit room temperature helps, letting that dough relax, and you're going to get a nice thin result. So I'm kind of squaring it off. Doesn't really need to be perfect. And then I kind of use my fingers to work on the edges. Now at this point you're going to season. And one of the fun things is this can accept a lot of different flavors. You can put all kinds of stuff. In the case where I'm doing, since this is an Italian style, I've got a really nice Italian olive oil. I'm going to brush olive oil onto this, onto the one side. I'm going to then add anything from, in this case I'm going to add some Parmesan cheese, I've got certainly salt and pepper, and Italian seasoning. You can do dry Italian seasoning. I've got a little combo. I'll do some dry seasoning and then I also minced up or very finely chopped, excuse me, some fresh rosemary and thyme. Those are going to hold up, both of those herbs will hold up really well to the cooking time, the oven time. And then we'll do a little bit of salt, some pepper. You can really just kind of play around with this any way you'd like. And Parmesan, this is what really makes it luscious. The Parmesan cheese goes right on there. You can either roll them, kind of give them a twist. I like to twist up the ends a little bit and kind of roll that seasoning right inside. I've got my sheet pan ready to go. I can show you that in a moment. And then you're just going to cut all of these. You cut a whole bunch and roll them out. Remember that you can shape these any way you like. They can be shorter, they can be really thin, they can be even twisted into shapes, letters, you can get really creative with it. What I like to do is really roll them. You can go very,very long, very, very short. Knob out the end, that's kind of my favorite. And I'll keep going until we fill up the whole pan. So I baked these bread sticks in the oven for 400 degrees for 10 minutes, give or take. If you use convection, which I highly recommend, you're going to do 375 degrees. So they look amazing, I've go them here in the little basket or you can use them as a garnish for a salad. Now that is my version of a tasty Italian bread stick.


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