Recipe for Feta-Stuffed Tomatoes

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Making feta-stuffed tomatoes is easy, so long as you have access to the right recipe. Learn the best recipe for feta-stuffed tomatoes with help from a true culinary adventurer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey there, this is Chef Rachelle Boucher, with Standards of Excellence Appliances, Florida Builders and Westar Kitchen and Bath. I am so excited to show you my recipe today for feta stuffed tomatoes. So there are many types of feta. Some are a little more crumbly, a little saltier. I love the French feta, it's creamy, still a little bit firm, and it has a milder taste, and it goes really well with the tomatoes. So I'm gonna take the feta out of its brine, and just drain it a little bit, clean paper towel, just get a little extra moisture off, and then, looking at the size of my tomato, I'm gonna cut a little slab, so it will fit inside. So this is one of the more crumbly feta. You can kind of see that texture. Tastes fine, it depends on people's preference, but I really like this one. So I'm gonna make just two little cuts. I'm aiming for squares that will fit nicely inside half of this little tomato that I'll show you. So there we go. So now I'm gonna prepare the tomatoes. I've got this beautiful little oblong tomato, nice and ripe, and just with a very sharp knife, I'm just going to give it a little cut, just knick off the top and bottom so that these will sit flat. So, through the center, nice little slice, and then just going to use this grapefruit-style knife, scooping on and under. Now you can certainly do this with a larger tomato if you'd like, right here, but I think you'd have to add in maybe some rice or some orzo, something else to kind of fill it up, maybe some herbs and mix in the feta. But it'd be beautiful thing to do. And then just scooping around, we're gonna get the middle of this out. And then down they go. Really nice. Now then, I'll take a little bit of basil, got this tiny gorgeous basil from my friends garden, and then tuck that little piece of feta right inside. You can also have, I have a little bit of oregano, you wanna put that, remembering that oregano is very strong, so you wanna use it accordingly. Be aware of that, but a little flavor of it is wonderful. Just putting it in at an angle, and what you wanna do too, is as you're making these, for your first one, taste it, because you wanna make sure that you've got the right amount of feta, the right amount of basil. It really makes a different. And then one more, let's get another, let's do a little sprig of basil here. There we go. Now I'll show you how to plate these up to make a wonderful presentation. So I've plated up our little feta tomatoes, and I'm gonna do a little drizzle of olive oil. And you can be as specific with this as you'd like, or a little bit more free form, it's your choice. I like a little drizzle, and then some salt and pepper, just right on top. Don't need a lot of salt because again, the feta is salty, so just a little sprinkle, just to kind of have a little bit on the tomato maybe. And then, I made a wonderful balsamic glaze, just to sprinkle on top. It's gonna add a little bit of flavor. And I do want a little bit on each one, so I'll kind of go back, but that's really nice. That will add color and flavor to it. And then, herbs. I've got oregano, I've got basil tops, I just wanna make sure that the herbs that were in there are really well represented. And then I've got some little basil flowers, which are edible, and just look fantastic. I think that this is a great appetizer, and again, you can make these larger. You can do a lot with this idea. So whatever way you choose to do it, I hope you enjoy my recipe for feta stuffed tomatoes.


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