How to Remove an Olive Pit

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Removing an olive pit only requires that you follow a few basic, easy to manage steps. Find out how to remove an olive pit with help from a true culinary adventurer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, this is chef Rachelle Boucher with Standards of Excellence, Florida Builder Appliance and Westar Kitchen and Bath. I want to show you how to pit an olive. There's a lot of ways to do it. You know those people who bite into food and find the olives pits, like my husband. It happens to him more than it happens to me for some reason. I am rededicating myself to getting every single pit out of every olive, so let me show you a couple quick techniques. So there are so many different kinds of olives available, but the basic kind of know how when it comes to pitting olives is that there are black olives and green olives and many variations in between. The black olives are riper. So the pit is looser inside in general, and your green olives are much more attached to the pit. I got these tiny neeswah olives. They're usually served with the pit inside because they're so tiny it's hard to pit them. But today in the fancy olive bars you can find even neeswah olives already pitted. So it's your choice. But to pit an olive, I'm going to take the black cured olive and this fabulous cherry slash olive pitter and comes right out, really easy and make sure to collect every single pit. Now the green olives, this might go flying, guys. Because the pit is stuck inside. There's a little indent where the fruit was hanging from the tree, you're just going to put that topside up and you're going to give it more energy. Yeah it went flying. But I still get a wonderful pitted olive. Great. So let me show you a way to do a few more olives in all at once. So I showed you the fancy pitter. I can show you now just using a knife with the black olive, you can basically cut around pretty much get the pit right out. Of course it's not going to be whole, but you'll have two pretty nice halves there. Now the green olives, again, that pit is really well in there, so you're going to have to slice around these. It's not the most efficient thing to do but it is a way to get that pit out. So there you are. Then those will probably have to be sliced further. Now for the black olives, you can do a big batch by just putting some of the olives. You can do this with quite a few, and we'll put them down underneath the ziploc bag or something similar, and with a nice heavy pan, just give it a good press. Now again, you're not going to have that in tact olive, but who's counting, right? Same thing is you're going to just pull those out and make sure to put those pits aside. Keep those separated. I don't want to do wrong by my husband. So there you are. So it's really different results, but quite easy to do for a lot of olives. So couple ways to pit an olive, I hope this has inspired you to go to the olive bar and buy a bunch of great olives and try them, taste them, pit them. I think I'm, going to eat the rest of these right now.


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