When to Trim Cilantro

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When you trim cilantro is just as important as how you trim cilantro. Find out when to trim cilantro with help from the owner of a biodynamic nursery in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello there, I'm Oscar Carmona from Healing Grounds Nursery located in Santa Barbara, California. Today, I'd like to talk to you about trimming cilantro. Because cilantro is harvested for both seeds and for plants you need to have as a goal, why you want the plant. If you want it for the leaves and you want to keep it in a vegetative state by cutting or pinching off the flowering parts. Now this cilantro is fairly young and I've got a little bit of an older plant here that I can use to demonstrate the exact place on the plant where you want to remove the leaf from. So the main question that is often asked with regard to trimming cilantro is where on the plant do you make the cut and the best way to describe that for anybody especially somebody who is new to this would be to start at the end, at the tip where you have your leaf and that's what you ultimately want to end up in your food. I want you to follow that stem, connective stem back onto the plant down to a place where you see some smaller new tender growth coming which would be right about here. You could take the tips of your fingernails, your thumb and your forefinger in particular and just pinch and without pulling, you just pinch and remove the leaf and the branch, the accompanying branch that you want and at the same time you are taking care to keep the plant in good shape so it can continue to produce more wonderful cilantro leaves for you. I'm Oscar Carmona for Healing Grounds Biodynamic Nurseries located in sunny Santa Barbara, California. Happy gardening.


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