Chicken Breast Rolls With Feta & Vegetables

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Chicken breast rolls with feta cheese and vegetables are a lot easier to make than you might be assuming. Make chicken breast rolls with feta and vegetables with help from a longtime cook in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Erika Monroe-Williams. I'm the creator of, and television cooking expert. Today I'll be showing you how to make chicken breast rolls with feta and vegetables. So we're gonna start out with two boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and these have been pounded out. I did them about a quarter of an inch thin, and that's about, you know, just a perfect amount of thickness for rolling. And we have three ounces of sauteed spinach, it was just sauteed in some light olive oil and lemon. We have 2 ounces of crumbled feta. A quarter of a cup sauteed mushroom. We have 4 of asparagus spears, 1 egg for the dredge and the wash, and we have seasoned bread crumbs. You're gonna need some toothpicks for this recipe as well. We have a half of a cup of white wine, dry white wine, 1 cup of chicken stock, and a tablespoon of flour. Okay, so we're gonna start our rolls first. We just take some spinach, you wanna place these not too close to the edge, because then they're gonna be really difficult to roll, and you wanna leave a little bit of room so that you can roll these up on all ends. And then, just do the same with the other. And, these are gonna be so pretty when they're done, and there's a nice sauce that goes right along with this. Our feta cheese now. Just sprinkle. If you really like feta cheese you can put a lot in here. Do the same on the other. You don't wanna put too much stuffing in these, because then you're gonna end up with a chicken breast that is really hard to roll. So we just put our mushrooms, and all ready we're getting really big here, so we wanna make sure we don't put too much on. There we go. Then we're gonna put two asparagus spears in each of these, and it just makes it nice and pretty. I just set those in the center. And if you have the little asparagus tips stick out, it just adds that little cute factor. Okay? So now we're gonna start our roll. So you wanna start at one end, and just make sure that everything's tucked in nicely, and just roll. And you wanna make sure that you don't push too much out to the edge, because then you're gonna end up with a mess. So this looks really wonderful. We're gonna take this, and we're gonna make sure that it's secure by just placing some toothpicks in here diagonally. There we go. One roll down, one to go. Just place these in a glass baking dish. We're just gonna repeat this for the second. These are a lot of fun, and they're so pretty. People really like to have some, you know, interesting ways to make chicken, and this certainly is an interesting way to make chicken. I just kind of changes things up from your everyday baked chicken. So, I'm just gonna secure this again. Okay. So I'm gonna put these in my dish while I get my egg wash and seasoned bread crumbs ready. So, I just like to have a nice clean working space. You could certainly leave these on the cutting board if you'd like. We're just gonna take a nice little wash of egg, all around to coat all the sides. We're gonna put it right here in the bread crumbs, make sure it coats evenly. This is gonna make a nice crispy crust on the outside. You put this in. And I always put these in seam side down. Okay? Onto our second one. Gets a little messy, but that's okay. You know when you're messy at the end of the day cooking, you've done a good job. Alright. So now we're gonna do our breadcrumbs also, means you've worked hard. Okay. So, now I'm gonna put this seam side down as well. Okay. Just wipe my hands off. I'm gonna put these in a 200 degree oven for about 10 minutes while we're getting our sauce prepared. So now it's time to make our sauce. It's gonna go in the oven with our chicken. We're taking our white wine, and we're gonna place it into our pan. And then we're gonna take our chicken stock, pour that in as well. And we're just gonna sprinkle the flour in, you wanna sprinkle this in. It's about a tablespoon. You can also add a little more if it's not as thick. And what I like to do, I whisk this in, but I kind of also make sure that I get all of those nice, the bigger chunks. So we're just gonna whisk this, and we're gonna bring it to a boil. And then it's gonna thicken. So it's gonna take about 10 minutes, and then we're gonna have a nice, thick and tangy sauce to cook our chicken with. So our sauce has been bubbling for about 10 minutes and it's reduced, and we have a nice thickness going here. And if you have a few little lumps, you can always put this through a sieve and get those little lumps of flour out. And now we're gonna put this over our chicken. I just took this out of the 200 degree oven, and I raised my temperature to 350 to preheat, because right after we put the sauce on, we're gonna start baking these. So, let's just pour this right over the chicken. And into the pan. Okay. So now we're gonna put this into a 350 degree oven for about 20 to 25 minutes. So our chicken rolls are out of the oven and ready to serve. So we're just gonna take these out. Look how beautiful these look. We're gonna also remove the toothpicks before serving. You don't want someone to bite into that. There we go. Get a little of the sauce. Okay. And we just remove the toothpicks. And the chicken, since it's cooked now, will hold its shape. There we go. Got it. Okay. There you have it. And that's how you cook chicken breast rolls with feta and vegetables.


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