Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken With Buffalo Sauce

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You can make blue cheese stuffed chicken with buffalo sauce right at home with a few key ingredients. Make blue cheese stuffed chicken with buffalo sauce with help from a longtime cook in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Erica Monroe-Williams, creator of and television cooking expert. Today, I'm going to be showing you a recipe for blue cheese stuffed chicken with buffalo sauce. For this recipe, we need two boneless skinless chicken breasts, a quarter of a cup of blue cheese, crumbled, half of a tablespoon of sour cream, a teaspoon of lemon juice, just a little pinch of black pepper. We need a quarter of a cup of flour, one tablespoon of whole milk and an egg whisked, some seasoned bread crumbs, about a half of a cup and a tablespoon of butter. For the sauce we're going to need half of a cup of Frank's red sauce, hot sauce. This is the best hot sauce. It's absolutely delicious, a quarter of a stick of butter, two teaspoons of flour, one tablespoon of red wine vinegar and a teaspoon of garlic salt. Okay so let's get started. The first thing we need to do is cut a pocket in our chicken breast and this is going to allow us to stuff this chicken breast. So you want to take the thickest part of the breast and you want to just cut right into it with a sharp knife, making sure that you don't cut yourself. So you want to cut a nice pocket in here. So, and you want to go deep enough but not to the other side, obviously otherwise you're going to have the filling going out the backside as well. So you want to cut an envelope in there, a nice little pocket. I think we could go a little bit deeper here, there we go, perfect. So you have this nice pocket here to stuff. So we're going to take our blue cheese, just put it into a little bowl along with the sour cream and our lemon juice, just a tad little pinch of black pepper. We're going to stir this around and this is going to make a nice little blue cheese stuffing. It's going to be just perfect for our chicken breasts. There we go. Okay so now we're going to stuff, I'm just going to stuff one of these breasts for you. Now we're going to stuff this, we're just going to place this right inside this pocket, there we go. I'm going to try to make sure that you get just enough in there and then close it up, look how nice that looks, you can just get the excess off of there. So now we need to dredge this in flour. We're going to mix a little bit of milk into our egg wash and then bread crumbs. Okay, so let's take this, just dredge both sides in flour, coat it evenly, just so it's nice and coated and now our egg wash, just get this nice and wet and then it's going right into the bread crumbs, there we go, give it a nice little crispy coating. So now we're going to add our butter to a pan that's on about medium. We're going to swirl it around. If you have an ovenproof skillet like cast iron, that's absolutely perfect for what we need. Okay we're going to take our chicken breast, we're going to pop it in here and we're going to cook this for about four minutes on one side and then we're going to flip it over and we're going to put it in the oven, a 350 degree oven. So now that our chicken is in the oven for 20 minutes, it's time to make our sauce. So we take the butter and we put it into a saucepan and we sprinkle our flour over it so that we can have a nice little paste that's going to make our sauce nice and thick. There we go, it's perfect. It's nice and smooth. So we're going to add our hot sauce, our Frank's hot sauce and just the smell of it, you can tell what your sauce is going to taste like from the smell of the hot sauce. We stir that in and then we just add a little bit, and you can do this to taste. We have a teaspoon here but you can do this to taste. If you like a little bit of a vinegary taste you can put some extra in, a little bit of garlic salt. You don't have to use all of it as well, you can just do this to taste. And then we want to just heat this up and the sauce is actually almost done. So we just heat this probably until it's bubbling and then we're going to take it off the heat and wait for our chicken to come out of the oven. So our chicken is out of the oven, it looks so plump and juicy and absolutely perfect, look at this. Delicious and the blue cheese is hiding in there, now it's time to put our sauce over the top. We're just going to pour it right over, look at that. Delicious. And that's how you make blue cheese stuffed chicken with buffalo sauce.


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