How to Sear Chicken on the Stovetop & Then the Oven

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Searing chicken on the stove top and then in the oven always requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Learn how to smear chicken on the stove top and then in the oven with help from a longtime cook in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Erika Monroe-Williams, creator of and television cooking expert. Today, I'm going to be showing you how to sear chicken on the stove top and then finish off in the oven. We're going to start off with two boneless chicken breasts with the skin still on and then we also need about a tablespoon or so of olive oil, half of a tablespoon of butter, a little salt and pepper to taste and then some herbs. We have a couple of sprigs of rosemary, some fresh thyme and about four garlic cloves. So we're going to start by seasoning our chicken. We're going to drizzle this olive oil over the top. We can brush it to make sure it's coated evenly and then we're going to just season with a little salt and pepper. I'm using some nice sea salt, a little bit of pepper. Okay, now I've got a medium high pan and we're going to just add a half a tablespoon of butter. I already have a little bit of olive oil in here. We just melt that up, then we're going to toss our chicken breasts in skin side down. So we could just add this right in and you're going to hear them sear right away. So we're going to sear these until they're nice and golden brown on the skin side and then we're going to just throw in the pan, some of the fresh thyme, rosemary and garlic cloves and as soon as this is seared to a nice golden brown I'm going to flip these over, then it's time to put them in the oven. So the skin side of our chicken breast is now golden brown. We're going to flip them over. You can really smell that garlic and rosemary and thyme. You want to kind of stir the herbs around into the butter and olive oil and it really gives that oil a nice fragrance and it will infuse to the chicken a little. Okay, so now it's time to take our chicken breasts and put them in the oven. So now my skillet is an ovenproof cast iron enamel skillet. So this can go straight from the stove top right into the oven. So I've got this oven pre-heated to 400 degrees and I'm going to put the chicken breasts inside the oven right in the pan. If you don't have an ovenproof skillet, go ahead and transfer that into an ovenproof baking dish. And you want to make sure that you have the olive oil and the herbs and everything in that baking dish. Okay so we're going to finish this off in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes until the chicken is done, depending on the thickness of your chicken. So our chicken has been in the oven for about 15 minutes because they were really thick. So we're just going to take these and we're going to put them on a platter, look how beautiful these are, nice and plump. You can also put the garlic and you can serve it with the rosemary and garlic on a side, absolutely beautiful. There you go. And that's how you sear chicken on the stove top and finish in the oven.


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