How to Coordinate Shirts, Suits & Ties

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Coordinating shirts, suits and ties is a great way to make sure you look as good as possible. Coordinate shirts, suits and ties with help from a professional image consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brian Lipstein, President of Henry A. Davidsen, and we're here today to teach you how to coordinate your suits, shirts and ties. First thing we have to think about between the suit, shirt and tie is likening it to a picture frame. The suit is your frame, the shirt is your fabric, and the tie is your piece of art. The more plain the suit is, the more easily you can switch up the shirt and tie and have it look like a completely new suit each time. When you're looking at the patterns in each of the pieces, you wanna make sure that we limit out of the three pieces to two patterns. That's gonna make everything a lot easier for you. You can do three, but you really wanna try to stick to two. If we have a pattern in the suit, we wanna make sure that we have a different pattern in the shirt or tie, and if you're mixing like patterns, we have to mix scales within those patterns. So generally, as long as we're mixing different patterns, a stripe with a check, or a stripe, a solid and a paisley together in the tie, then we're gonna be okay in completing a good cohesive look. We wanna make sure that we also pick the right colors that are gonna work together. So if you have a navy or a charcoal suit, keep the shirt light blue or white, and then pick a tie that's gonna compliment any other color within the pattern of the suit, or compliment the skin tones and coloring of your own natural body. Again, I'm Brian Lipstein, here at Henry Davidsen, and here are a couple tips on how to coordinate your suits, shirts and ties.


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