Nutrition of a Plate of Lamb Kebabs

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Lamb has traditionally gotten a very bad reputation when it comes to its health. Learn about the nutrition of a plate of lamb kebabs with help from a professor at the University of Idaho in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm SeAnne Safaii, Registered Dietitian, here to talk to you today about the nutritional value of a plate of lamb kebabs. Lamb has traditionally gotten a very bad rep be, because it's one of the red meats and people have thought that it's very high in saturated fat and it's just not as nutritious as some of the whiter or lighter meats. But, over the last 30 years, lamb has undergone a transformation. It's now much lower in saturated fat, it's got a little bit of poly-unsaturated fat in it and it is leaner than ever. You can see this lean bowl right here, this is what we're going to use today. And in fact, it, it's, the thing about lamb that makes it a great food if you are a meat lover is that it's pack full of B Vitamins, it's got zinc and it's just a, a wonderful source of protein. So, that's what we're going to cook today. I'll show, we're just going to a really easy recipe with lamb kebabs that's very very tasty, great for summer barbecues. I just have some lamb; I'm actually marinating this lamb right now and just a little bit of, I added about a, a fourth of a cup of just Italian dressing. But, lamb of course is a very good with mint too. So, you might want to develop your own marinade with mint and a little bit of olive oil. So, very simply, I have a skewer here and I'm going to start with a pepper and I like to use red peppers. So, I've marinated this about two hours and that's about how long you marinate it in order for it to be nice and tender. Again, I'm adding Vitamin C with these peppers. Peppers have more Vitamin C in them than oranges do. Lamb is a great source of, not only a great source of B Vitamins and B12, but it's also a great source of iron. And we all could use a little bit more iron these days because our food is so over processed, we don't get as much as we used to. We use to get foods right out of the garden and there's still a lot of dirt on it, but it's high in iron. We don't seem to get as much anymore. So, many of us are deficient in iron. So, you don't have to go every other color. There's no rules for how to skew kebab. Make it up as you go. This is just a great source of, of Vitamins here. And there we go, we're ready for our barbecue.


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