Nutrition of Apple Cheddar Mayonnaise Salad

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Apple cheddar mayonnaise salad might not be as unhealthy as you might think it is. Learn about the nutrition of apple cheddar mayonnaise salad with help from a professor at the University of Idaho in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm SeAnne Safaii, Registered Dietitian, and here today to talk to you about the nutritional value of an apple cheddar mayonnaise salad. All those words together make it sound like there's not a lot of nutrition in that, just a lot of you know, fat and mayonnaise and cheese. But actually, it is going to turn out pretty good. We're going to make some modifications to the traditional recipe and make it healthier for you. Very few ingredients that you'll need. You'll need an apple, you'll need celery, you'll need some cheese, some mayonnaise and some lemon juice and we're going to serve that on a bed of, bed of lettuce. So, to begin with, I've got two cups of apples. These are, I use red apples today, you could use any of your favorite apples. If you want a, a tarter salad, you might want to try green apples. But, the nutritional value of apples is somewhat the same regardless of the different brand of apple that it is or type of apple. So, I'm going to add two cups of chopped apples, then I also have two cups of celery and celery just gives it a little bit of that salty flavor. There's not a lot of nutritional value in in celery, but it is a great source of fiber. So, it gives it a nice crunch. It's a great salad for a, a summer evening picnic. Then, we're going to add two tablespoons of lemon juice. You can use a fresh lemon or I like to use this; I'm kind of cheating by using this. But, that's okay. So, the lemon is really important again, it gives it that little bit of a sour, salty taste, but it's also is really important to keep your apples from turning brown. It's an antioxidant. So, here's we're at, packing this salad full of antioxidants; and two. Okay. Next, I'm going to add about six ounce of cubed cheese. This cheese looks a little bit darker than normal cheese, it's cheddar cheese. It's a little bit darker because it's a low fat cheese, made with one percent milk. And traditionally, low fat cheeses are a little bit darker. So, that's by the color and I just, I just made these little, you know, one quarter inch cubes. Get those all in there. Last but not least, we're going to add the mayonnaise. Now, there are some new products out in the market with regards to mayonnaise that are wonderful. And what I mean by wonderful is that they're still are high in calorie, although you can find the reduced calorie mayonnaises, but there are since a lot of new brands out there that have olive oil, and olive oil is, makes mayonnaise a good fat. Olive oil is a good fat, it's a monounsaturated fat, very good for our hearts and now, we can find it in mayonnaise. And this particular one that I have right here is also reduced fat olive oil mayonnaise. So, we're going to add that to the salad. Then we just stir it up; it's beautiful, colorful salad. And kids would like this because it's got apples and cheese and they're big fans of apples and cheese, and cheese. They're not so much fans of celery, but might be a good way to get them to try some celery. So, then we're just going to take this salad; we've got our, our bed of greens here, see what it looks like. And now we've got a delicious and nutritious low fat, good for the heart summertime salad.


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