How to Deal With People's Looks in a Store When Your Child Acts Up

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A child acting up in a store can be a difficult experience for everyone involved. Learn how to deal with people's looks when your child acts up in a store with help from a family case worker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Christina Gavenda at, and today we're going to talk about how to deal with people's stares in a grocery store when your child acts up. Every mom has one of those days when they're at the store shopping and all of a sudden there's that mom with that child. There's moments that you dread when your child throws a fit and people stop and look at you like you're doing something wrong or your child is doing something wrong. What I would really encourage is to take a deep breath and make a decision. Is this bad enough or an appropriate time to step out of the store with your child, help them calm down and then come back in and resume shopping? Or is this a time to plow through and finish what you're doing? You're the mom and you know what's best and you're not going to ruin these people's day because your child is throwing a bit of a fit in the grocery store. Now, if they're having an absolute meltdown and disturbing the peace of everyone around you, I would highly recommend taking your child, putting your cart in a safe spot and asking an associate to hold it for you and getting your child back to the point where they are in control of their behavior. That might mean a snack, it might mean something to drink, it might mean a bit of discipline, but doing what you need to do to get them calm so that you guys can carry on in the store without disturbing everyone's peace would be much more pleasant than just pushing through it. However if you're at the end and you are in line and your child is throwing a fit and their not stopping, let them stare. You're just fine, your child's just fine, and it's going to be over here really soon. Just get in, get out, and finish, and let your day continue in a positive way. Thanks so much for watching, my name is Christina Gavenda and that's how to deal with people's stares in a grocery store when your child acts up.


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