Tricks to Making a Baby Drink From a Bottle

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Making a baby drink from a bottle is easy, so long as you properly employ a few key tips and tricks. Learn about tricks to make a baby drink from a bottle with help from a family case worker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Christina Gavenda, at, and today we're going to talk about tricks to get a baby to drink out of a bottle. You wanna make sure that your baby's comfortable. Nobody wants to eat when they're uncomfortable, or wet, so you wanna make sure that they are burped if possible, that their diaper is dry and clean, and you also wanna try and feed them when they're hungry, but not starving. If you wait until they're starving, they're going to be very upset with you, and it might be pretty difficult to get them to latch on and eat. Okay, so you take your baby, recline them a little bit, not all the way down. One way that a lot of moms get their baby to take a bottle is to tickle their lip with the nipple, or the side of their mouth. This happens to help their natural reflex to open wide and suck to happen, and then as soon as they open their mouth, you get the bottle gently in there, and they should latch on and suck. If you continue to have problems, and they don't seem interested, they, their might be something else wrong. You might wanna talk to your doctor about gassiness or acid reflux. Try again to burp them, bounce them a little bit, rock them, sing to them, try and get them calm down, and then just try again later. Thanks so much for watching. My name's Christina Gavenda, and those are some tips on how to get your baby to take a bottle.


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