Indian Tomato & Onion Salad

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Indian tomato and onion salad blends rich flavors and great textures into a truly delicious meal. Make Indian tomato and onion salad with help from a chef instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Phil Crispo, Chef Instructor, and over the next few minutes, I'm going to demonstrate to you and help you learn how to make an Indian style tomato and onion salad. So, let's go ahead and make this tomato and onion salad with an Indian flavor. So, I have my tomato nice and ripe. It's been sitting out for, probably about a day and a half now to really develop the flavors and concentrate the sugars. I'm going to go ahead, obviously with clean hands and nice sharp knife, I'm going to cut down the tomato like this, making sure I don't cut into the core. Remove this out of the way. I'm going to do the same thing again; again, leaving with core on the tomato like so. And this way, we're going to pop it over, I can just take the core out because you don't really want to eat that, not very pleasant. Just take out another piece there like that. Okay, so we'll get rid of that. So, we're left with some beautiful tomato flesh. Depending on how you like it, whether you want it chunky or large pieces or small pieces, almost like a salsa, you can cut it in small slices. I'm going to go with medium slice here 'cause I want to have a good mouth feel when, when I use this as a condiment. So, this works really well as a condiment to curries and or you can just have it as a plain salad. So, I'm just chopping this up, the tomatoes up. This is all about flavor, all about flavor. If you want to go to the trouble of removing the seeds, you can; but, let's just go ahead and put this in. So, I have what, one beef steak tomato. I'm going to put this into the bowl. I have a little paper towel here to keep my board free of seeds. Then, I have a nice red onion which has been cleaned. And I'm just going to go ahead and slice that as finely as I can. So, I keep my fingers out of the way and I slice, let the knife, the knife rock back and forth to give myself a nice thin slices. So, I'm going to take the onion and then to, and put it in with the tomatoes. I'm going to take a small amount of garam masala, about half a teaspoon. I'm just going to sprinkle that on there, spread it around. And we're going to take a little bit of lime juice just to open that up a bit and then some chopped cilantro which adds color and great flavor especially in Indian cuisine. And then, some desiccated or shredded coconut; probably about a taste, tablespoon or close to that. A little bit of salt; the salt will help not only with flavor, but the salt will help to draw out some of the moisture and create a very, you know, good marriage between the onion and the tomato. So, one, two, three, four twists of salt and maybe the same again of pepper. All these mixed in together like this. The great thing about this salad is that it's simple to prepare, the ingredients are simple, but they must be good of the highest quality in season and once we mixed this up like this I'm going to cover it or just place it in the refrigerator for about half an hour just to let the flavors marry together and it makes the most amazing accompaniment or salad to curries or, or to any dish. So, now that our tomato and onion salad have been in the fridge for about half an hour, 45 minutes, we're just going to give them a mix around. You can see how the, there's a little bit more moisture in there now, but the flavors and the smell and the aroma are very very good. So, it's very simple at this point, what we have to do is take this from here and put it in a bowl. So, we, as a, as we say, we can use this as a salad or we can use it as an accompaniment to a curry or to any sort of dish. So, look how beautiful, red, deep color the tomatoes are; the cilantro's showing through and the onions are soft and slightly after being in the refrigerator. So, I'm just going to ladle, ladle that into there or spoon it into the bowl. Make sure you have a good balance of tomatoes and onions. Okay, here we go, like so. And then just to accent it and bring out just a little bit more, I'm just going to take a little bit of coconut which bit, provide a little bit more sweetness. Again, just a touch of cilantro and then a couple of twists of pepper and a couple of twists of salt. Sometimes less is more; this is an amazing salad, just like that. I'm Phil Crispo, Chef Instructor and that was Indian style tomato and onion salad. Thank you.


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