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One great way to cook pork is through the use of a slow cooker. Get a slow cooker pork recipe with help from the operator of a successful salsa company in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm your salsa sister Carolyn Goldwater, with Today, we're gonna make a slow cooker pork. this pork is such an easy dish. You just take a two to three pound pork shoulder or pork butt, and one jar of salsa, that's it. It's the simplest pork, and your family will be so excited about this dish. Now I have cooked this eight to nine hours on low. So it is ready to be shredded. So what I'll do is take the pork out of the slow cooked, and you can see how beautiful that looks. And it just falls off the bone. I usually get it with the bone in, just seems to add a little more flavor. And, once you get all of the pork out of the crock pot, you'll shred it up, and you'll have a yummy pork to put in your tortillas, and to serve your guests. This is a great entertaining recipe, 'cause it's so easy and people love to wrap up their own tortillas. Now you can see how beautiful that looks. And honestly, it's just one jar of salsa and one pork shoulder or pork butt. See if we can't get all of this out of here. And you're gonna wanna use the juices in the crock pot too, in the slow cooker, because those are so special and they really help keep the pork nice and moist. And then just shred the pork so it fits into the tortilla nicely. It's just so easy. It's ready to pull apart. It's nice and soft and ready to go. This is a great dish for people who don't like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You just put it on right before you go to bed, and you've got it ready for the next day. Alright. So, we've got our shredded pork, and I'll show you how to serve it, to really enjoy the flavor of the pork. Basically, we're just gonna use the little small flour tortillas, we're gonna make a little burrito. So, a little bit of the shredded pork, right in the middle. Put out some limes, maybe give the, your guests squeeze of lime. Let's put a little bit of cheese. Little cilantro. And then, the extra goodies, the yummies, the guacamole, a little sour cream, a little salsa of course, gotta have the salsa. And, if you wanna little bit of diced tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, maybe some jalapenos, whatever you think. And then you just roll it up and you have a wonderful burrito, and it's perfect. Pork shoulder in salsa in a slow cooker, the best.


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