Cheese-Mango Quesadilla Recipe

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Cheese-mango quesadillas can be prepared right in the comfort of your own home with the right ingredients and a little bit of preparation. Get a great cheese-mango quesadilla recipe with help from the operator of a successful salsa company in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Carolyn Goldwater, your salsa sister, from We're making a quesadilla recipe with cheese and mango today. First off, we're gonna put a little butter in our big wide skillet. You can use just a regular pan, whatever you've got at home. The idea is to use a lot of butter, because the butter makes the tortilla really nice. We're just gonna lay a flour tortilla in there, get it a little browned. So I'm about on medium heat here, and that should brown up nicely. I'm gonna take our cheese. I've got a blend of jack and cheddar. You can use cheddar, you can use Monterrey jack, whatever you like to use, whatever sounds good to you, and we're gonna put that on half of the tortilla. Spread it out a little bit so it melts nicely. Then we're gonna take our mango. And I've sliced this mango nice and thin, and we're gonna lay the slices right on the tortilla. This is so yummy with a nice, fresh salsa, or a jarred salsa, and I'll show you when we serve it how to plate that up. Then I'm gonna take a little bit of the cilantro, and sprinkle that on. Just lightly. The cilantro adds a nice zesty flavor. And, our tortilla should be nice and brown now. I'm gonna fold it over, and we're gonna let it cook a little bit on each side so it gets a little more brown, and that cheese melts up nicely. Now this is a good dish to serve with a side salad and maybe some refried beans. You can put a little chicken in with that mango, and have a really nice dish. We're gonna flip it over, need to turn up our heat just a little bit, get this thing cooking. While that's cooking, I'm going to get our plate ready here. I think this is really nice served with a red salsa. You can use a fruit salsa, but you have fruit in the quesadilla, so, a nice red or green salsa. And we'll go ahead and plate this up for you. Give yourself a scoop of guacamole, this one's super easy to make we're just using avocados, lemon, garlic salt. Then a little scoop of the guacamole, and a little scoop of your sour cream. And let's see how our quesadilla is doing here. We're gonna turn it over so it browns on the other side. See how nice and toasty that is. And we just need about another minute or so to toast up this other half, we're gonna cut it up and get ready to serve it. Just get my, my cutting board here. I like to use a pizza cutter. It just makes it so much easier. And we'll put this on the plate, plate it up nicely. And there you are. You have a cheese and mango quesadilla with a little bit of sour cream, guacamole and salsa.


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