Seven-Layer Mexican Dip Recipe With Refried Beans

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7-layer Mexican dip with re-fried beans is a dish so delicious that the whole family will be begging for more. Find out about a 7-layer Mexican dip recipe with re-fried beans with help from the operator of a successful salsa company in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Carolyn Goldwater, your salsa sister, with We're gonna make a seven layer dip with refried beans. First you'll take your refried beans, warm 'em up slightly, and spread them as your first layer in the bottom of a shallow serving dish. About a can of refried beans, and you can use the black beans or the regular refried beans, fat-free, whatever your, your pleasure. And we've got the beans on the bottom. We'll add a layer of cheese. Sprinkle the cheese in. Save a little bit for the top, because you'll layer it again. Then we'll add the salsa. I like to add a corn and black bean salsa, it adds a few more beans to the, to the, to the dip. And you'll use about half a jar, on this particular layer. Next we're gonna add our lettuce. Just cover all of the contents that you've already put in there. And then our guacamole. If you just sort of plop the guacamole in small little spoonfuls, and then it will even out once you get the top layers on, you can push it down a little bit. Now this guacamole is just a mashed avocado with a little bit of lemon, some garlic salt and a little bit of Tobasco, or hot sauce, whatever hot sauce you have. There we go. And, on to the sour cream. Just do the little clops of sour cream, because you'll be able to blend it all together when you add your top layers. Okay. That's pretty good, one at the end there. Now we have some cilantro that we'll sprinkle on top. If you don't like cilantro, leave this step out. It adds a unique flavor to the dip, but some people don't like it. We're gonna use the other half of the corn and black bean salsa. Just pour that on. Then I'm gonna add the diced tomatoes. Gives nice color. Just dump all of those on there. And I'm gonna push this down a little bit to flatten it out once I have the tomato on top. Finally, I'm going to add some green onions. And some sliced black olives. Doesn't that look pretty? And the very final step, if you like it a little bit spicy, is a little bit of the sliced jalapenos. I'll just put those down the middle, so if guests don't want those jalapenos, they can sort of dig around them. A super simple recipe that your friends will enjoy. Our seven layer dip with refried beans. Enjoy.


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