Over-Nutrition In Teenagers

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Over-nutrition in teenagers is a serious concern and is something that should definitely be monitored. Learn about over-nutrition in teenagers with help from a practicing physician, speaker and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Dr. Theresa Ramsey for eHow.com. Today, we'll discuss over-nutrition for teens. To me, that means that teens are taking in more calories than they're burning leading to overweight and obesity, sluggishness and depression. So there's many ways to prevent and treat over-nutrition in teens, and there's four simple steps we can take. One of the culprits in over-nutrition for teens is sodas. Sodas have either lots of sugar, 5 teaspoons per can, or they have no sugar, which means they have chemicals. The diet sodas do not help us lose weight, they actual help us gain weight, because they're chemicals that cannot be metabolized, so they end up becoming stored in our tissues, and preventing weight loss. So, it's a mystery that the weight, that diet sodas decrease weight, neither diet sodas or regular sodas are good for our weight. There is a good solution. We can use a neutral soda, like a club soda or seltzer water, and what you can do is make it taste good for children by pouring it into a glass and adding a flavor that ads no calories and no chemicals. What I'm speaking about is Stevia. Stevia comes from a plant, and therefor no chemicals. They come in many flavors, even more than I have here. I'll make a root beer soda. So you take some of the liquid, and it doesn't take much. I often say start with just a few drops, four, taste it, if it's not sweet enough, add another one. It's easier to add more, we can't take back. When you make it too sweet, it starts to become bitter with Stevia, so you have to be very careful, especially because you want to get your children to like this. So that's a good alternative to regular sodas. Another issue with over-nutrition with teens, for teens is, the breads that we eat, the sandwiches. I was raised with bread with breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we want to start choosing better breads. When we have white bread, it is nutrient deficient and calorie dense. What we want are breads that have much more nutrition, more fiber. Fiber helps to decrease weight significantly, and most people do not get enough fiber in their diet. So sprouted breads are a better alternative to white breads. I'm not saying whole grain, but sprouted. That means there was no yeast to make it fluffy, therefore it's very dense and it's heavier. So I recommending using these breads, toasting them first, making the sandwiches, maybe cutting off the crust if it's too thick so that they enjoy it. The big thing is they must enjoy it, or we're not gonna get compliance. Another issue is, everybody loves ice cream. And ice cream is lots of fat and lots of sugar, all in one. So instead of ice cream, a good alternative would be to use Greek yogurt. High protein yogurt. It's fermented so the dairy is broken down, so it's less inflammatory than regular ice cream, it tastes delicious, there's flavors of the FAGE and Oikos Greek yogurt like blueberry, there's vanilla, there's strawberry, there's honey, and you can add your own fruit to it, and it tastes delicious. It's just getting kids used to a different texture, and not so sweet. It's sweet, but not as sweet as typical ice cream. And lastly, we have the mindless snacks that we eat sitting on the couch, watching TV, we don't even taste it, it's hand-mouth, we're getting lots and lots of calories and chemicals and bad oils in our bodies. Instead, consider choosing nuts and seeds that they might like. So it's crunchy, it's giving them plenty of satisfaction in the digestive tract, and it's a much better snack, especially for mindless eating. So these are four ideas to help with over-nutrition for teens.


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