Recipe for Cheese & Vegetable-Stuffed Tomatoes

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You can make cheese and vegetable stuffed tomatoes right at home, so long as you have the proper ingredients and the right recipe. Get the recipe for cheese and vegetable stuffed tomatoes with help from a gourmet chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello I'm Chef Jennifer Booker, the owner and executive chef of Your Resident Gourmet. Today I'm going to show you how to stuff a tomato with a vegetable cheese dip. So these are our ingredients, vegetable cheese dip of choice, fresh tomatoes, and then we'll just need a serrated knife, a paring knife and a small spoon. So let's get started. The first thing you'll want to do with your tomato is stabilize it. As we know it's round so it rolls and we don't want it to get away from us so we'll use our serrated knife and flatten out the bottom. Using our paring knife, we'll go around the center stem and remove that. Now we want to cut our tomato in half and take out most of the center. So using your paring knife, very gently go around the circumference of your tomato and slice into the bottom and remove that center. We can use that for another recipe. We'll do the same thing with the other half. Now using our spoon, we'll get out most of the seeds. You could also use a green tomato or Roma tomato for variety. Now let's go ahead and add our vegetable and cheese dip to our tomato halves, set them on our plate, get our chilled vegetable dip. This vegetable dip is using low fat cream cheese, broccoli, carrots, onion, bell pepper, celery, a little bit of tomato, salt and pepper. Place those right on top of your tomato. You can use this tomato as a salad, it can go great with a grilled chicken breast for your entree or a low calorie healthy snack. And there you are.


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