Telling a Child to Do Something Without a Power Struggle

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Telling a child to do something doesn't have to involve a power struggle if you don't allow it to. Learn about telling a child to do something without a power struggle with help from a family therapist and child development specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Dr. Cindy Bunin with Today, I'm here to talk about power struggles and if you have a toddler you know what it's like to have a power struggle. Remember, there are no winners in a power struggle so don't even start to begin with. It takes two to tango. When you get invited into that power struggle and you have your little toddler there kicking and screaming and saying I want this and I want that, just don't get involved, just look at your toddler and say, let's go do something else right now. So avoid it, distraction is the most important thing. Another thing to do is for example when you're getting your child dressed in the morning to avoid a power struggle instead of saying what would you like to wear to school today, just take out two things and say would you like this or would you like this and then that way there's no power struggle, you're giving theme a choice. It's a very important thing to do. The next thing is if you're in the kitchen and you're cooking and you want to get that meal done and your child is nagging at you and driving you crazy and pulling at you and saying mommy, mommy, mommy, give them something to do, there won't be a power struggle. Give them a pot and pan to hit, to play, have them help you, no power struggles. So the most important thing is to avoid them, don't get invited into them and your life will be easy. This is Dr. Cindy with, until next time for eHow.


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