The Importance of Cuddling for Babies

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Cuddling is very important to the development and well being of a baby. Learn about the importance of cuddling for babies with help from a family therapist and child development specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Dr. Cindy Bunin with Today, I'm here to discuss the importance of cuddling with your baby. Did you know that the first three months of life are also known as the fourth trimester? The reason being is is that babies have just been born. They've come from a really small dark comfortable place, and then they come out into the world and that's why cuddling is so important because cuddling makes them feel like they're back in the womb. They're feeling safe. They're feeling warm. They're feeling close to their mom. So cuddling is important. Another reason cuddling is important. They have found and they've done research that in the orphanages all over the world where babies are not being touched and held, they can actually die. Touch is the most important thing you can do for a newborn, more than you can ever imagine. Bonding is just so important. Also, there are hormones released from the baby when you cuddle them and that's why when they are crying and you cuddle them and they soothe, they're calm and that's why it's so important. Remember cuddling is the most important thing you can do, do it anytime that baby cries. And you know so many times you hear people say oh if you cuddle a baby and hold them you'll spoil them, you cannot spoil a baby. They're there to be cuddled. So just remember that, that baby cries, be there to pick it up. Enjoy your little baby and cuddle as much as you can. I'm Dr. Cindy Bunin with for eHow. Thank you so much for watching.


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