How to Write Five-Hundredths

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Writing something to five-hundredths involves writing to a very particular decimal point. Write five-hundredths with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Marija. I'm a Mathematician and today, I'm going to show you how to write five-hundredths. So, what you need to know is your decimal places. So, if we have a decimal point, the number that comes right after it is known as our tenths place. And then, the number following that is our hundredths place and if I want further, it will be thousandths and ten-thousandths, but you wanted to know five-hundredths, so we're going to stop with that. So, because you want to write five-hundredths, you're going to put the five in the hundredths place and there's nothing in the tenths place, so we're going to go ahead and put a zero there. So, the decimal .05 is how I would write five-hundredths. Now, you can also write it as a fraction if you want and because hundredths means out of a hundredth, I would just write 5/100. So, 5/100 is equivalent to .05. And all you have to remember is whatever number you say, so if it's six-hundredths, I would put a six there, if it was a seven, I would put a seven there, just put the number in its proper decimal value place. My name is Marija, and I just showed you how to write five-thousandths.


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