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There are many different methods of division that you can use depending on your needs. Learn about different methods of division with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Marija. I'm a mathematician and today we're going to talk about different methods of division. So, there's long division for integers, which we'll start with. Let's say we have something like three into fifty seven. All right, so regular division two integers, what I'm doing is three into five and because three goes into five once, I'm placing my one on top of the five. Always place the number on top of whichever number you've divided into. One times three is three and five minus three is two. Now, three can't go into two so when that happens, you bring down the next digit that you have which is a seven in our case. Now, we do three into twenty seven which goes nine times. Nine times three is twenty seven and because I have nothing left down here, I know that I'm done and three goes into fifty seven nineteen times. So that's simple division with integers, long division. Now, if you're dividing with fractions it's a different story. So let's say we're going to do two thirds divided by one half. When you're dividing fractions, you have to remember to keep change change. You keep the first fraction, so I'm keeping it two thirds. You change the division into multiplication and you change the second fraction into its reciprocal, which just means to flip around the numerator and denominator. So, instead of one over two, it's going to become two over one. Now you've made a multiplication problem out of it and once you have that you just multiply straight across. Two times two is four and three times one is three. So, my quotient is four thirds. So that's how you multiply or divide, I'm sorry, fractions. My name is Marija and I just showed you different methods of division.


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