What Is an Integer in Math Equations?

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In mathematics equations, an "integer" describes one very important element. Learn about an integer in relation to mathematical equations with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Marija. I'm a mathematician and today I'm going to tell you what an integer is in a math equation or in a math expression. So an integer, the easiest way for you to think about it is any number that you see on a number line. So when you picture a number line right, you've always got your 0 in the middle and then your positive numbers are always to the right and your negative numbers are always to the left and it's never ending, right, continues endlessly in both directions. When you think about a number line, what you don't see on it is fractions or decimals and that's exactly things that are excluded from being integers. So integers are only these numbers, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and on and on and including the negative numbers from negative 1 all the way down to the smallest negative number. So integers are numbers that can be written without having to use a fraction or a decimal okay. So for example the number 4.25, there is no way to write that without using a fraction or a decimal okay. I could write this number as 4 and 1/4 but now it's got a fraction. So because it has to be written with a fraction or a decimal, it is not an integer. However, if I had 10/2, this number it doesn't have to be written as a fraction right because I can simplify, 10 divided by 2 is 5 and now it's an integer because you all know that you see the number 5 on the number line. So integers are the numbers that you see in a number line. They can be written without using a fraction or a decimal. My name is Marija and I just showed you what an integer is.


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