Understanding Percentages in Math Worksheets

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Understanding percentages in math worksheets isn't nearly as complicated as you might think it is. Learn about understanding percentages in math worksheets with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Marija. I'm a mathematician and today I'm going to tell you how to understand percentages in math worksheets. So the most important thing to know about percents is that they are part of a whole and they're out of a hundred. So out of one hundred is the most important thing to remember about a percent. So if I say to you twenty percent, I mean twenty out of one hundred. So if you want to know what percent a number is and we're not dealing with a hundred, let's say what is twenty percent of fifty. So not it's not as simple because we're not dealing with a hundred, we're dealing with fifty. So there's two different ways that we can solve this. We can set up a proportion, so if I know that percent means out of one hundred, then my first fraction would be twenty over one hundred. That means twenty out of a hundred. Now proportion is two fractions that are equal. So I'm going set up my equal sign. And my second fraction is, now I want to know what percent or what is twenty percent of fifty. So now on the denominator I'm going to put fifty and because I don't know the numerator, I'm going to go ahead and write an x. Now to solve a proportion, we cross multiply. So I'm going to do fifty times twenty, which is one thousand, bring down your equal sign, one hundred times x is one hundred x. Now I have a one step equation, so I'm going to go ahead and divide by one hundred on both sides. And when I do that, these one hundreds cancel out, these zeros cancel out and I get x equals ten. So twenty percent of fifty is ten. The other way that we could have done this is to translate it and make it into an equation. So twenty percent, I would have to make it a decimal first. To make a percent a decimal, you move the decimal back two spaces. So twenty percent becomes point two. All of in math is going to be multiply and fifty is my number. So now I have point two times fifty. So you can work this multiplication problem out and when you do, you're still going to get ten, the same answer that you got before. My name is Marija and I just showed you how to understand percentages in math worksheet.


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