How to Open a .ZMC File

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Files with a .ZMC file are created by a service called Mail Safe. Find out how to open a .ZMC file with help from a software engineer with broad and extensive experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Matthew Pierce. I'm a Software Engineer and today, we're going to talk about opening ZMC files. Now, .zmc files are, they're files that have been renamed from your mailer by a service called Mail Safe. Now, Mail Safe is a service of the Firewall Zone Alarm which is a, by a commercial version, there's a freely available version, but it's got a program, it sits there and watches your email, when something comes long that looks like a might be suspicious, what it does is it changes the last three letters from what it was to some other code that breaks the application dependency that, that will make the, the attachment of it, whatever it is the file automatically open up in your email, in your email, sort of safety thing. But, if you have a file later on with a .zmc extension on it, you don't know what it is, well, that file happens to been in email message file, that's what a .eml file is and it got changed to .zmc by Mail Safe. So, you can do either go out and get Zone Alarm and install it and you can, and you have the, you'll configure the mail safe program or you can just take the file and rename it, three letter acronym from .zmc back to .eml and open up with your mailer. It's a, really nothing has been changed by it, it's just been, had the last three letters changed so that it doesn't automatically open up without giving you warning with Mail Safe. So, I'm Matthew Pierce; today we talked about opening up .zmc files. Thanks for watching.


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