How to Open a QVX File

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Files with a QVX file extension are a very particular type of data base file. Learn how to open a QVX file with help from a software engineer with broad and extensive experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mathew Pierce. I'm a software engineer and today I'd like to talk with you about opening QVX files. Now QVX files are data files or data base that were created by the QlikView people which is QlikTech. It's a file that's made of XML and the actual data. It's kind of a special file type that you don't open it by itself. It's really kind of a data source file that's made for non-conventional data sources. You could open it from within the QlikView project manager which you can get for free. So if you see here, I've got a project right here. I'm going to open up the file. I've got a QVX demo file right there. So now it's open and then you have to go into the, you can go into the text edit to edit the script and there you'll see in here some references to this file. It's the currency exchange.qvx file so you actually don't open it up when you use it by itself. It's not like in QVX where you can open up a project file of different file types. They don't have, there is no QVX file in there, it's all different types of files or projects and whatnot in HTML but not QVX. So anyway, that's how you open it up in QlikView. You can also if you are really curious about what it contains is you can open it up within a text editor. Any text editor can open up the file and you can see the XML data here if you're curious about that and then down at the bottom you can see there's the actual binary data that you really can't make heads or tails of with the text editor, that's where a nice hex editor comes in. You can open that same file up and in a hex editor and you can see the actual data down there. So if you want to poke around to see, you know, what the data is, that's one way of doing it by using a hex editor and a text editor. So, you can also go to their website where you can get a free download of the QlikView application and all the documentation on how to use it and they also have a wonderful support community page where you can learn more about it. So really just go to the QlikView website and you can get a lot more information and really become adapt at using this. So I'm Mathew Pierce. Today we talked about how to open up QVX files. Thanks for watching.


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