How Do I Use a Grout Removal Tool?

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Grout removal tools are commonly designed to be used in a very particular way. Find out how to use a grout removal tool with help from an experienced construction professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Nicholas Iarocci, The Home Source Guy, President and Owner of Source Development, Inc., a residential commercial construction company in Garnerville, New York. And this is how to use a grout removal tool. Now, it's kind of a loaded question because there's so many products in the, on the market to, to use. There's manual ones with diamond blades. They're use to and they're very thin, so you can get in between even the finish joints. There's a V grove type of a notch, but essentially, the whole idea behind it is just you're just scraping back and forth trying to remove the grout. Pay particular attention as to why the grout might be worn or broken. Chances are the installation might not have been done properly; you've got some movement in the tile. The weakest part of the tile installation is the grout, believe it or not. If the tile's set properly, there's, and there's no movement, the grout should be secured. The only weakness that the grout would have if you add too much water in the mix or weaken it somehow. This is a power tool. It's an oscillating tool that's great for use on removing grout joint too. What I'm going to do is I'm going to walk along the edge of the tile on an angle and try to cut out the bead of the quarter inch grout joint that I have here. So, I'm going to go back and forth as many times as required to loosen up the grout and remove it. This is a great tool. Now, it's more over what contractors would use nowadays. So, we've removed the grout from the joint; what we're going to do is just clean off the joint as much as possible. I'm using a grout brush. This is specifically designed to clean and remove this, this grout here; takes right into the grove and removes the grout. We'd make sure the tile's still secure; if it's not, obviously there's no sense. We have to reset the tile, otherwise the grout would just crack again. So, once the grout's removed, you want to make sure that there's no oscillation in the tile. If it is moving, we'll have to pop the tile off and reset it. In our, in our particular model, it's perfect, so we'll just keep it here. So, you're ready to reset the grout. And that is how to remove grout using a power tool. This is Nicholas Iarocci, The Home Source Guy, President and Owner of Source and Development, Inc., a residential and commercial construction company in Garnerville, New York and we're helping you build a better life.


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