How to Remove the Crypt Morphine Trojan

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Removing the Crypt Morphine trojan is something you should do as quickly as possible if your computer has become infected. Remove the Crypt Morphine trojan with help from a professional and experienced software engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mathew Pierce. I'm a software engineer and today I'd like to talk with you about getting rid of the Crypt Morphine Trojan malware from your PC. Now Crypt Morphine Trojan is more commonly known as Trojan Crypt Morphine.gen which is a whole family of trojan malware and they do things like they'll steal your data, they monitor activity, they could even get your PC hooked into what's known as a botnet and having it do stuff, you know, at night when you're in bed, your PC is logged into the internet doing stuff like spreading spam or you know, who knows what. So these are some bad pieces of malware. You do not want them on your PC, but there are some very good tools out there that can help you get them off. So typically if you notice that you have a piece of malware on your PC, then you probably have other pieces of malware that you don't know about especially with a trojan because it's, you know, it's a trojan. It loads other pieces of malware on your PC once it gets loaded so you really want to do a good thorough scrubbing of your PC to get this stuff off. Now I like to use what's called a shotgun approach to removing malware from my PC. To do that I like to use some of the freely available tools that are out there and there's some very good ones that you can get the paid versions which have some really cool features that you might like but you don't need to do that to disinfect your PC. You can just get the free versions and run them and they'll do a great job. So four of the pieces of anti-malware software that I like to use are Super Anti-Spyware, Malwarebytes, Spybot Search and Destroy and SpyHunter. They're all freely available. You can find them just by Googling them, go to their websites, download them and install them. Now when you install them they're going to want to update their antivirus definitions, let them do that. It will get them updated to the latest and greatest definition so they can use that to find the malware on your system but they're also going to want to run and disinfect your PC right away. You don't want to do that. What you want to do is get them installed and updated and then you want to reboot into what's known as safe mode. To do that you reboot your PC, tap the F8 key repeatedly while it's coming up and you'll be presented with a screen like this that will have all the various options of how you can boot up, just choose safe mode, that way these things won't be able to get back to the network through, you know, through your computer and fight off your antivirus, antimalware software. So, once you get them up and going, you get them installed, you get booted up in the safe mode, then you're going to want to run each one of these pieces of antimalware software one right after the other. You're going to want to do what's known as a full system scan, don't do a quick scan, do a full scan, let it run and it's going to take a while. So while it's running, go off and do something, just check back periodically to see what it's doing, to see when it's done. When it gets done it's going to present you with a list of what it found and it's recommended actions to take to get rid of them. Take the recommendations and get rid of them. Then when it gets done, the tool is going to want to reboot your PC, don't let it. Just exit the tool, run the next one and do the same thing. Do that through all the tools you have installed until you get to the very last one and once that one gets done and wants to reboot then go ahead and reboot. Your system should come back up and be nice and clean and you should be in good shape and you'll be good to go. Now when you get done, you're also going to want to uninstall some of those pieces of antimalware software because they're all going to be competing for your system resources, trying to keep your system safe. So while you were disinfecting you may have found one that found more antimalware or found more malware than the others and you might want to keep that one installed so it can run continuously and keep itself up to date or give you the opportunity to manually update it but keep the other install packages around too that way if you do get reinfected you have the bits right there, you can reinstall, update them and go and do this again. But you should be good to go if you do this. So today we talked with you about how to remove the Crypt Morphine Trojan from your PC. Thanks for watching.


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