How to Fix Imperfections on Your Face

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Makeup can be used in a wide variety of different ways to actually fix small imperfections on your face. Learn how to use makeup to fix imperfections on your face with help from a beauty educator and former American Image National Queen in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kristie Kennedy, licensed beauty professional. Today we're going to be discussing how to fix imperfections on the face. And many women are concerned about those minor imperfections, but it's those imperfections that make us unique. Today, we're going to look at dark circles under the eyes, concealing any blemishes or acne scarring on the face. Because we want to create a nice even palette. The products that we're going to use today, liquid foundation, a liquid concealer, and our application brush. First I'm going to focus on the eye area, which typically shows whether we're tired, if we have low blood, a lot of times dark circles are genetic. I'm going to use a liquid concealer. Reason being it's a lot lighter, it's easier to apply and manipulate. And I'm going to use my ring finger because this is a very sensitive area. And nice short strokes here. Patting motions on that delicate tissue. When you use creams they tend to be a little harder to move around and apply, thus tugging the skin. You don't want that. So that's where I concentrate on. So now we're going to look at any blemishes that we see that we want to conceal and I'll just place product right there. Conceal where we have scarring. You want to fill those holes in. This creates a nice base before we place our foundation on. And typically around the corners of the nose where there is a little darkness is great to apply concealer. Okay. And now we're ready to apply our foundation. Once again using a liquid, you start applying and just place the product here in the four corners and blend in. You don't need a lot of foundation. If you apply too much foundation what you do is create a mask-like appearance, and we don't want that. You want your skin to be able to breathe. So we just concentrate on those areas that really need coverage. And go lightly over the area that you conceal, lest you take off that product that you placed on the skin. I prefer a brush as opposed to the sponge because the sponge generally takes up too much of your product. And you get a nice even coverage with your brush. And remember to get around the under necklines because you want to remove all tell-tale signs of product application. And this is one of the most neglected areas. You don't want to have two tones going on. So make sure you blend in very well at the cheek line. And that is how you fix imperfections on the face. This is Kristie Kennedy, thanks so much for watching.


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