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Many hairstyles that were popular in the 1940s are making a resurgence today. Find out about popular 1940s hairstyles with help from a fashion designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Summer Spence, I'm a cosmetologist, and I am here in Wedding Cottage, Hawaii. I'm going to show you how to do a 1940's popular hair style. In 1940, they used a lot of finger waves and pin curls and that can be a very difficult process. So I'm going to show you a good tip on how to do this with our modern technology. For 1940's style, we're going to use a wide toothed comb, an alligator clip, a few bobby pins, hair spray, a boar bristle brush, it can be a round brush or a flat brush, and a waver crimper. We will also use hot rollers. And I'm taking the hot rollers and I'm rolling them just about to the occipital bone. We're going to create the bottom of the hair nice and wavy and curly and we're not going to worry about the top right now. We have two layers of rollers. And then let your rollers cool completely before you take then out. As you unroll the curl, you'll want to keep it at tight as possible and spray it. Taking our wide toothed comb, I created a part far to the side of her head and then it kind of goes into a diagonal to the center. You're going to spray the section on the top and then taking your waver, you're going to take about a half inch section and put our waver right there next to the perm and leave it there for about ten seconds. And then flip it over to get it out of your way in doing the next section. Now taking another one fourth to one half inch section. You're going to stop right about to the place where you curled the hair with the rollers. You are going to work your way around the top section of the hair. Again, starting on this side, right next to the part, we've worked our way all the way around. Spraying that. And wave right next to the scalp. You really only need to concentrate on the top section of the hair. Now that you have done the wave all the way on the top section of the hair, you're going to smooth the bottom of the hair and spray, really smoothing out that curl. Rolling the hair into a barrel curl and securing with the bobby pin. And here you have a 1940's with a little bit of modern twist. I'm Summer Spence and I just showed you how to do a modern 1940's hair style.


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