DIY Hairstyles for School

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There are a wide variety of different hairstyles that are absolutely great for a school setting. Learn about do it yourself hairstyles for school with help from a fashion designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Summer Spence. I'm a cosmetologist, and I am at the Wedding Cottage Hawaii. I'm going to show you some simple everyday school hairstyles. For this style, you're going to need bobby pins that match the color of your hair, a working hairspray, a curling iron that is optional, and a wide-toothed comb, or a brush of your choice. Starting out, just get the front sprayed and going in the direction you want it to go. I like to use the curling iron to just curl the bottom portion of the hair. You can spray it with a working spray, and I just want to tip the ends under. You're going to take from right above the ears, straight back to just above the occipital bone. You're gonna section that out, leaving the bottom section down, and just with your fingers, comb it back. Then you're going to twist, creating a little French twist. You're going to take your bobby pin, and you're gonna start at the bottom of it, pushing that pin in, and then taking your second pin, opening it, and crossing over that bobby pin. So you're creating a criss-cross of bobby pins that secure each other in place. And do that again a second time. Two more pins. And then one more at the top to keep this twist in place. And again, securing with two bobby pins. Just taking your fingers to section the hair, take out the side section over here, and the same side section on the opposite side. You're going to twist that hair up, in a messy and quick twist, taking your bobby pins again, and pinning in place. And then one to secure that twist in place. Then you're gonna take the next section, and you're going to divide that into two, and you're going to cross over that hair in the center. And then pin. And here you don't need to criss-cross. You're going to let that come down, and take this side section and do the exact same thing. Divide that into two, let that bottom section fall down. If you have long hair, then you can pull that up a little bit and criss-cross again, so that you have a little loop there. And then you're gonna pin. Then working with this bottom section here, pull that tail end of that hair inside so you don't have it hanging over here all lonely, and then crossing over again, and then pin. And you just keep criss-crossing until the ends are too short to criss-cross. When it gets to be short enough, you'll just leave the little tails out like that. So then you take this last section, spray, and then we're gonna tie a knot again, then pin that knot in place by pinning the tails down right next to it. And then you have these ends, flip them, and twist and pin. And then to finish off, you'll just spray the fly away, and smooth the fringe over. I'm Summer Spence, and I just showed you how to do an everyday school hairstyle.


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