Low Calorie & Kid-Friendly Desserts

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Not all desserts have to be unhealthy and filled with things like too much sugar. Learn about low calorie and kid-friendly desserts with help from a personal trainer and group fitness director in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Janette Janero, I'm a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, and today I will be teaching you how to replace some high calorie desserts with some low calorie desserts for kids. When you're out with your children and they're craving that sugary drink, don't reach for the vending machine, all of these sodas they are covered with sugar. Something you don't want to add into your children's diet. So instead, go ahead and introduce them to smoothies. Make sure you let them know not to add any sugar, because the sweetness of the fruit is gonna be just perfect. Let them know at the smoothie place to add some low fat milk, as opposed to whole milk, and you want to stay away from the chocolaty one or the peanut butter ones. Try to keep it more with the fruit and the low-fat yogurt. When you're at home, don't stock your pantries with sugary foods like cookies, instead offer your children a variety of fruit and vegetables. With the fruits, if they are a little bit hesitant at first, you can glaze a little bit of chocolate on them, a little bit of caramel, really good combination, peanut butter and banana. Just a little bit of peanut butter it's on, putting some added crunch with some almonds and some peanuts will be a great alternative to a chocolate chip cookie. When you're out in the park, a great snack for your kids are figs. They taste sweet, plus they will store your kids energy levels way up. Remember to hydrate. If your child is hesitant about just drinking plain water, you can leave some strawberries in the water overnight, or some watermelon. It will give the water a great taste without adding a lot of calories. Also, if you like giving your children granola bars, that's wonderful. Just make sure to look at the labels, a lot of them are pretty high in sugar. I know it's hard to convince your children to make the right choices, but the step one begins at home. Like I said, don't stock your pantry with the sugary options. Set your children up for success. Give them the good choices at home, so when they're reaching for the fridge, they have nothing but a good choice to make. And that is how you replace high calorie desserts with low calorie desserts for children.


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