Games for Practicing Eye Contact for Kids

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A child is never too young to begin learning the importance of eye contact. Learn about games for practicing eye contact for kids with help from a personal trainer and group fitness director in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Janette Janero. I'm a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. Today, I'll be showing you a game you can teach your children to help them develop their eye contact. Eye contact is a very important social skill to develop. It will help your child feel more confident and also appear more confident to others. This is a skill that they're going to carry all throughout their life. So, the first thing with eye contact is you want to make sure that when you're looking at the person, you're looking at them softly and not very intimidating. So, we're going to do something silly. You're going to have, the only tool you're going to need for this is a sticky note. You're going to have a sticky note and you're going to write an emotion on it. This is something that parents can do with their children; teachers you can also do this with your class with your children in your classroom. Put them in a circle and write an emotion on each card. If you're going to do this with your child, you can go ahead and write an emotion, have someone else write the emotion on the card for you or the sticky note. You're going to pass them out and the child is not going to see what their emotion is. They're going to place it on their forehead and the other children need to go ahead and do a facial expression, primarily with the eyes to express the feeling. You can write emotions like anger, sadness, surprise, excitement, confusion, all of these are non-verbal queues that the children can go ahead and express with their eyes. Having the children learn to focus on the person's face to read their emotions is going to be a good foundation when working on developing their eye contact. Another activity that can work on eye contact also works as a good ice breaker. You have a group of people that they've never met, perfect activity for a party, perhaps with some children that they have never met before or even in the first couple of days of school. Once again, place the children, you can put them on the floor so they can feel comfortable, in a circle and go around the room, each person needs to say their name as well as their favorite movie or perhaps their favorite spots; something that's unique to them. They're going to sit in the circle and whenever somebody makes eye contact with someone and the other person makes eye contact with them, two people need to stand up, they need to look at their face, say their name and say what their special fact was. And they're going to switch places. However, as they switch places, they need to keep the eye contact still. Those two are great activities that you could do with your children or your students to help them develop the skills of eye contact.


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