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Part of the fun of owning and collecting artwork is hanging and displaying said artwork. Hang and display artwork with help from a professional interior designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Erica Lugbill and I'm an interior designer working for Lugbill Designs in Chicago. Today, I'm going to be showing you how to hang and display art work. First of, when I'm deciding where to hang art work, I like to kind of center it, both vertically and horizontally in the space I would like to display it. This piece of art work here is super light, really easy to hang. So, this is about the simplest installation that you can find. I'm just going to use this wooden piece right here, the structure on the back of the canvas. And I simply nail the nail into the wall here, since it's so light. And I'm just going to hang it. Then, we use our trusty level to level it out at the end, and make sure that it's just perfect in the space. O.k., really tall. So, you can see, after it's installed, about the same of space is at the bottom and the top and then, also on both sides. That way, it's framed out perfectly within the space. Another very simple way to hang art work, is by using these little sawtooth hangers. They're so simple, you just take them and you tap them with a hammer, into the back of the art work or the frame, assuming that it's a light piece. If the piece is a little bit heavier, these will still hold well, if you use an anchor in the wall first. And then, lastly, one of my favorite ways to hang art work, in more of a casual space, this works well. Is to take one of these C-rings and actually mount them into the ceiling. Mount two of them and then, mount two onto the art work. And then, use either, jute rope is one of my favorites, I love the natural texture and the interest that it brings to the space. Or, a very thin wire works better, for more industrial, loft type spaces. And then, this way, the art work is supended from the ceiling, and you kind of get a shadow behind it. And it's just a very interesting way of floating art work. Thanks for watching my video today, I hope you found these tips helpful.


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