How to Ink a Drawing in Photoshop

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Inking a drawing in Photoshop is a great way to really save time while finishing your image. Learn how to ink a drawing in Photoshop with help from a well-versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Alex Cecilio. I'm a graphic artist and I'm going to show you how to ink a sketch in Photoshop. So here I have a sketch that I did in Photoshop with my tablet. If you do it in Photoshop there is one benefit and that is that you can overlay a color you used, so I used a grayish brown for the sketching but I actually decided because I'm inking it, probably in that exact color if not maybe a little darker I'm going to change the color of my sketch. So I'm going to go down to my layers. I'm going to select FX and I'm going to do color overlay and here I'm going to select, I'm going to select a really light blue color so that way I don't really get confused between what's my ink and what's my sketch and you can do this with a normal drawing too. It's not just the sketch, the sketch in Photoshop. So, you're going to want to get nice and close but not too too close, just close enough so that you can get as detailed as you desire and I'm going to actually choose a small brush and I'm just going to start off by just tracing my image and basically all you're doing is tracing what you've drawn as if you were inking it like so. And hair can be really tricky to ink so I recommend when you first start inking your hair that you, let's fit this on the screen, I recommend that you define certain blocks of the hair. So like for example this is a block right here and this is a block and this is a block and so on so that way you know which direction to go in. But I'm actually not going to ink the hair right now. I'm just going to show you why this is actually really useful. So when you're done, and even though I didn't ink the hair you'll be able to see as soon as I can, that it's already got a way cleaner look to it. So if you use the ink it's just going to give it a way cleaner finish and a lot of people like to use the pen tool. I personally have not used it for such a thing but you can actually do that, you can use the free form pen tool like this. And then when you fill it, you stroke path and if you simulate pressure you'll get a nice whispy line and you're on your way. My name is Alex and this is how you ink a drawing in Photoshop. Thank you.


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