How to Add Facial Hair in Photoshop

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Adding facial hair in Photoshop is a great way to add some nice textures to a photo. Add facial hair in Photoshop with help from a well-versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Alex Cecilio. I'm a Graphic Artist and I'm going to show you how to make facial hair in Photoshop. So, there's a couple of ways you can go about doing facial hair in Photoshop. If you want to be more realistic or more illustrative, that's really up to you. But, I can show you both. So, to do illustrative, all you really need to do is have a new layer on top of your photo just so you don't damage the quality of your photo in case you make mistakes, you can always erase it. So, have your photo and then just add a new layer, right next to the trash can you've got your new layers panel. And then, if you just want it to do it like an illustrative little like; when I say illustrative, I mean kind of like cartoony or preferably drawn illustrated, hand illustrated. So, like if you want to do like a mustache, little such as, you know, if you've like found some photos of you and your friends and you just feel like you can do something kind of goofy, and you can just add, use the paintbrush tool and then you can just kind of like, you know, do whatever you want. A lot of people like to use this for making unibrows on people, kind of like this. And then, you can make your little, kind of like. So, that's how you do the, you can also use, there's a couple different paintbrushes you can use. You can go to some dry media brushes which have like the rough, they have something like rough edge ones, but there's also the drop shadow which are, if you want that like kind of five o'clock shadow kind of thing, turn your opacity down like six percent and you can kind of just, and this is, this is specifically for like shadows. So, I can just, like a perfect tool for this; oh my gosh. Okay. So, that's how you can do like those two things, but then, now, what I'm going to show you is some more realistic facial hair. This can, this can be time consuming, so, it's best to have a little patience when you're doing it 'cause if you're actually going to, you know, be making it look real, you're going to want to, you know, take your time and you do want to turn your opacity up. And also, this is really important; go, to window and go to brush and, or you can click F5 and make sure your shape dynamics are turned on and locked because when you're making hair, it's really important that you have that hair texture so that you can you know, make a thick to thin line just like a hair follicle and you can, you know, just don't click that. And the cool part is you, if you want, you can eventually, once you've made enough hairs, you can just go ahead and start copying them, like this. You can make them smaller, actually I would recommend making them smaller so they look more real. And the best way to really get a good reference would be to either Google search just like you know, beard or goatee or whatever or if you know somebody that has one, just take sometime, just look how the hair grows off the face 'cause you'd be surprised how tricky it is to draw facial hair 'cause when you're drawing just lines like this, you know, you don't want the line to look like a line; you want it to look like hair. And the way you know, in my opinion the way you know you've drawn a hair light enough is if you're drawing it out of a piece of paper and you've drawn a line so light that you think it's a piece of hair and you want, you go to like brush it off, you're doing the right thing. So, try and do the same thing in Photoshop because the lighter it is, the more real it's going to look. And that is how you draw facial hair in Photoshop. My name is Alex, thank you.


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