How to Draw a 3-D Swirl in Photoshop

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Drawing a 3D swirl in Photoshop is a great way to experiment with things like depth and perspective. Learn how to draw a 3D swirl in Photoshop with help from a well-versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Alex Cecilio. I'm a graphic artist. I'm going to show you how to make a 3-D spiral in Photoshop. So I'm going to go over to the custom shape tool which is right below the direct selection tool/selection tool. And when I do that I'm going to go up to this little panel right here which is the custom shape panel, and I'm going to select this spiral shape. And it may not be there when you go to click it so if it's not, you can just click this little arrow right here and just select all and all your shapes will show up. And I'm going to create this spiral. OK. So, I'm also going to, I'm going to fill in my background with black color so that we can, or a different color I suppose, make it little gray, so that we can really see what's going on here. All right. I'm going to right click and I'm going to select rasterize layer. Now what this is going to do is allow me to edit it. So now I'm going to go down to fx and I'm going to go to bevel emboss. And it's going to bring up a table. And there's a whole selection of things to choose from to make your spiral look 3-D. I'm actually going to choose inner bevel and I'm going to have it chiseled. And you can make your depth as much as, deep or as not deep as you want. And you can also adjust how the light is affecting the spiral. And you can also use a different gloss contour so that you have a different effect, each different contour. I'm going to stick with that one. My name is Alex and this is how you make a 3-D spiral in Photoshop. Thank you.


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