How to Make Crispy Bacon in the Oven on a Broiler Pan

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Making crispy bacon in the oven on a skillet is a lot more straightforward of a process than you might be assuming. Make crispy bacon in the oven on a skillet with help from a self-made, entrepreneurial chef and consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast, and today we're going to make crispy bacon broiled in the oven and the reason we are showing you this today is because bacon cooked on the skillet has a chance to get burnt very quickly. It's easier to control your crispiness. It's easier to control your temperature on your bacon and it's also kind of the thing where you just put it away and forget about it for a minute and turn on a timer. So first things first, I grew up on a farm so I know about recycling everything. So you want to keep all your bacon fat for whatever else you might want to do, say potatoes, frying potatoes or adding to a quiche. So how we keep our bacon fat is by using foil in the pan and what I've done here is I've lined this pan with foil and pushed it up against the edges to give a nice crease. Essentially we're making a box with the foil. You push it up against the edge, tamp it down and then you have a nice little square box to hold all the bacon grease. Our oven is on at 350. We're going to cook this bacon for probably around 15 maybe 17 minutes. So here's our gorgeous hickory smoked bacon and what we'll do is you know, it's a thin cut. You can get a lot more. If your bacon is long and your pan is long, take your bacon sideways so that you can fit more in there depending on how hungry you people are. Bacon is also cut at strange biases and angles so if you take and topsy turvy the bacon you maximize your surface area of the pan and you can again, cook more. So here we are laying the bacon in the pan. Who doesn't love bacon? We alternate basically and they kind of form like a nice little grid. But this is hickory smoked bacon. I love applewood smoked. Some people like cherry smoked bacon. One thing you can do for instance if you do like hickory smoked bacon but you want maybe a little more sweet, you might throw brown sugar on top or maple syrup or even white sugar is good on bacon, cooked this way. Another thing, in the skillet you start throwing sugar on your bacon and you've got high heat or whatever it's going to burn, instantly you're going to start smelling sugar, burnt which is a very unique smell but very few people that I've met have liked. So we're going to go towards the things we like and what we are going to do after this, it's almost done, pop this baby in the oven, forget about it for like 15 minutes. Put a timer, all good cooks use timers, and that's a fact. Any cook who says he doesn't use a timer, burns things I promise. So use a timer, feel good about it and let's put this in. So we've got our bacon in the oven and it is ready to go. It's been there for about 15 minutes. To pull it out always be safe. I use my, this is my lucky potholder that my friend Molly made me from Atlanta, a very special woman and I don't use gloves because they are fumbly. They don't have, a lot of them don't have fingers and you can drop things and I've honestly burnt myself more times using gloves than potholders. In the restaurants we use towels, so I'm going to use this potholder, isn't it beautiful? And yeah, see how almost perfectly crispy it is. You can tell where the hot spots in your oven are by looking at where it's more or less charred, also that is the end and there's less, they're thinner on the ends. So, but it's almost absolutely perfect. It is perfect. Again like I said you could have sprinkled brown sugar. You could have sprinkled sugar, maple syrup, thyme is good on bacon. You have to do that toward the end because it will burn. So there you have it. My name is Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast in Los Angeles and we just made crispy bacon in the oven.


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