How to Make Savory Pancakes

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The secret to making delicious, savory pancakes lays within a few key areas of the process. Make savory pancakes with help from a self-made, entrepreneurial chef and consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast, Underground Supper Club in Los Angeles, and I'm here today to show you how to make savory pancakes which is maybe, it's a little different, you know and that's a good thing I think. We like to break up the monotony and make things beautiful. We make love where before there was none. So what we're doing is making a basic pancake batter which requires flour, about a cup and a half and so then we add a bit of baking powder, it's a basic pancake batter. Always, salt to your pancakes, salt brings out flavor in food in general and that's one of the basic tenants of cooking and if anyone ever asks you the question of what brings out flavor in food the answer is salt. So now we've got this. I tend to take an whisk to combine all the dry ingredients. Some people don't, shake the bowl and whisk at the same time. It just gives the pancake batter a better, a winning chance at being good, so what we do now is I'll crack an egg, just like we're making pasta, no shells please but anyway. I chop the egg up just a bit. Add the liquid, this is buttermilk. This is fresh made buttermilk and how we freshly made this buttermilk was we took regular milk and added just a touch of lemon juice. It slightly curdles. It's like almost passat if you've ever heard of passat. Passat uses cream but it's a manipulation of the cream and the acid. So homemade buttermilk goes into our savory pancake mix. Don't pour too high, you'll spill, a little soft stir to get things going. Always go around the edges when you're stirring and folding. A whisk is best used with small wires. The big wires they make tunnels. It's called tunneling when you whisk. They make tunnels and they're good for large large large batches of things but when you're making something fine, you want fine tools and the smallest whisk possible, the smallest wires on your whisk as possible is the best. So we'll stir until this is pretty good. You don't want to over stir a pancake batter. It kind of needs to be lumpy, so because this is savory we're adding a few different things. Now what we've done is pre-cooked carrots, diced up with a little bit of white wine, some thyme and salt and pepper of course. We'll dump those in, beautiful. Same thing with celery, just a slight touch on the skillet. Celery caramelizes and it adds a nutty flavor almost. It's really delicious. So we throw in some onion, let's use the magic spoon and last but not least one of our favorite things in the whole entire world, caramelized onions. They're lightly caramelized as you can see. They're going to add a little bit of texture too so we didn't take them all the way. Let's get rid of this and let's fold a bit, just get it nice and combined. As you can see there's going to be pieces, colors and that's what you want. You want kind of a bright colorful event, almost every time you eat really if you think about it, we like to kind of, that's how we learn to eat I think as humans. So what we're going to do is now the flame is on and we're going to burn some savory pancakes. So we'll toil it on here and remember, because of the shape of the vegetables that we put in, the pancakes are going to come out with an interesting shape. So they're really festive, especially when you use these kind of colors, red, green and white, you know, it's almost Spanish you know. So we cook the pancakes just like a normal pancake and actually again because I care I have made a bunch for you already and here we have savory pancakes with some sauteed spinach, feta cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes. It's absolutely amazing. You can do a lot of stuff with this but this is what we did and I think you'll like it. So this is Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast in Los Angeles and I just made you savory pancakes.


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