Ideas for Breakfast in Bed That Don't Require an Oven

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Not all breakfast in bed surprises require you to use the oven. Get ideas for a nice breakfast in bed that doesn't require an oven with help from a self-made, entrepreneurial chef and consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast, a Supper Club in Los Angeles. Today, I'm going to show you how to make a smoothie which is basically something you can serve someone in bed which is ideal, don't you think? And what we have here we have strawberries. I have some peaches that I actually used from the can and honestly due to studying Filipino food I've come to realize that canned goods are, they're realistic you know? They were valuable during the war and I think that they're definitely usable so we have Greek yogurt. It is low fat. I prefer full fat but sometimes, you know you want a little, a little, and then we have cherry juice and orange juice. This is a melange and I'm going to tell you a secret to almost all smoothies, aside from bee pollen we use vanilla extract. It gives it just that little extra touch, that little extra flavor that takes it over the edge from being a smoothie into being something luxurious that you lay in bed with your partner with. So here we go. We use a variable speed blender and first things first, we're creating a vortex in the blender so we want to start with something liquid, absolutely first to lubricate the lades, to lubricate the interior of the blender and get everything going. So I'm going to start with the yogurt, it's Viscous. This is about two cups, about two cups of yogurt here so it is Viscous and due to my upbringing and hopefully yours, I tend to use these, they're indispensable and get every last bit. You know, you don't want to waste, you might but I don't think it's, it's probably not on your agenda. So here we're doing spatula work to get every last bit, it's plastic on plastic, sheer forces. We now sit this down. Let's add a little cherry juice, this is roughly, probably about half a cup, in it goes. Okay now we see a nice separation of colors, beautiful. Peaches, this is an entire can of peaches. Do we need an entire can of peaches? It depends on how many smoothies you're making. We'll do a few at a time, they're very beautiful. They almost look like egg yolks and once in a restaurant I had a giant batch of egg yolks that I was making and I offered to the chef, what do you get for a poached peach? It went over really well. So use about three peaches, next strawberries, everybody's favorite. They're in season, they're delicious. You don't have to take the ends off, especially with a blender of high speed. They're kind of good, the green. However, we took them off. Sometimes they can have dirt, even after you wash so you remove the greens if you want. We'll put some strawberries in, let's do about, oh, let's do them all and stack, organize, efficiency. Orange juice, orange juice is just a delicious additive, you know, it adds a little Vitamin C. It's got that citric tang to it. So we're not going to put a lot, just maybe about a cup, half a cup. Now our secret is vanilla, this is about a teaspoon of vanilla we're going to add and you'll see the difference. It makes a huge difference. And whoever you are taking it to in bed will probably prove it to you later. So here we go. Turn your blender on low speed. Always make sure your blenders are off and on lowest speed before you turn them on. Here we have our smoothie. It looks delicious. It's ready to go and there's multiple things you can do with a smoothie, one you could add ice. I didn't. I like things, I like things, I like it kind of pure flavored. So you can add granola, bananas, whatever you'd like. I'm Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast in Los Angeles and I showed you healthy ways to make breakfast in bed that do not require an oven.


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