Healthy Egg Cupcake Breakfast

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Not all egg cupcake breakfasts are unhealthy if you use the right ingredients. Learn about a healthy egg cupcake breakfast with help from a self-made, entrepreneurial chef and consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast Supper Club in Los Angeles. And today, I'm going to show you how to make a kind of healthy egg cupcake actually. Isn't that cute? [Laughs] Sprinkles doesn't sell these, but, you can make them and here's how. What we do is we take an egg and cream mixture. I mix it up ahead of time just because it's easier to make, it kind of looks pretty, you can see the colors. So, we're going to put that up a little bit more. You just want to get a little froth and it also helps to save, it helps to combine the spices; we must make sure we have something to sit it on, our luck, lucky, my lucky clutch, tamale hardi. Huh! Incredible mix. So, okay, now what we're going to do is we're going to add all of our healthy ingredients to make this cupcake. And what we've, I've diced up some bell pepper, they're really beautiful in color and also super nutritious and they give it that sort of twang, like this. And we've , also, also we have fennel. Fennel is, fennel goes interestingly with red bell pepper because they're both aromatic. So, the aroma of fennel is a bit like anise and the aroma of, of, of red, red bell pepper is kind of its own thing and it's got an odd sort of smell. So, we're going to mix them up and what we do now is mix. And here's what makes a nice cupcake a nice cupcake. We're going to take this pan which is as you can see a cupcake pan. This should go on our head assuming, but instead we're going to take and spray it. Spray is valuable, don't be afraid of spray. You might use a butter spray or oil spray or any kind of spray in particular you like. And I tell you what, in every single restaurant, all chefs use it. So, you can use butter too and it's a, and it's great, it's wonderful, but spray is super, super, super easy and super cool. So, you take and you really, really, really spray your pan and you want to make sure and coat it really good even on top as you can see. So, I've coated it around all edges around the top, it's even dripping a little. Let's do all six, we may not have enough for that, but we'll do it. And you can let the spray defray. So, there's our cupcake pan coated. Here's what makes you happy. You come in with the flour. Now, I'm going to do this over the trash can, so you may want to watch as we sprinkle the flour into the cupcakes filling and I'll show you. Fill it, fill it up all the way; flour is flour, it's all over the place. It's got a good name to, don't we? It means a lot of things. A cupcake pan full of flour. Here's the thing, you shake it, shake it around, like, you know, put a little bit of it away and, you know, we coat all of it, empty the flour; one good tap should do. Now, we're going to take and we've got our egg mixture ready. Let's add a little pepper to it just to make sure it bites and we do that. Fill our egg shells, cupcakes; you want to go about three quarter way up because it's going to, it's going to, it's going to rise and it's going to come out and cut the sides and it is going to be bake into the flour and create a shell, which is what we're it's probably called cupcake. So, there you have it. So, you can put this in the oven. We have other ingredients that we don't want to burn, so we don't put those until it's finished. One of those is lavender; lavender burn is feeder, let's keep it lavender love. This is dehydrated corn, I'm sorry, this corn has been frozen. What it's called? It's called corn that has been frozen. [Laughs]. Then, we have a, a little arugula salad, I'm going to use it as a, sort of a, a topping for the cupcake, almost like icing. So, let's put this in the oven, 350 for about or actually, you know what, let's, let's pump it up to 400 and go for about 15 minutes or so. And put this away. I've said this before to every person I've eve met because I'm that way, I have prepared one already for you because I love you. And so, that being said, let's take a look at it. Here we have it. This is our egg cupcake. Little bit of black sesame seeds to dip it in. Here's the cupcake with a beautiful arugula salad toast in a champagne vinaigrette, little bit of shallots in there and then, nice, just kind of a nice garnish of what is inside, inside the, the cupcake as, as well. So, sometimes when you present things, you want to show people what's in the thing as well as you want a little extra, so as needed. And that's that. So, check out the egg cupcake; it's super healthy, there's very few, very few ingredients of fat that's a little bit of flour. So, carbohydrates are minimal and pour whatever you want it. This is Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast in Los Angeles, an underground Supper Club and I have made for you a healthy egg cupcake.


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