How to Poach Eggs With a Poacher

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Using a poacher to poach eggs isn't difficult, but it doesn't require you to follow a few basic steps. Poach eggs with a poacher with help from a self-made, entrepreneurial chef and consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

,my name is Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast, a supper club in Los Angeles and I'm here today to show you how to poach an egg in a new way. We're using a machine or rather a water bath that is maintained at a specific temperature. That's a style of cooking called sous-vide. It's been around forever, sous-vide and this is fun, a lot of people like this. It's called an egg basket or an egg bouquet, an egg whatever you want to call it and what we do is we take a cup that will fit an egg, an egg poach, line it with saran wrap, crack the egg into it, let's actually do no shells please, throw that away. The egg is safe in here. We're going to add a little salt, maybe just a pinch, you know it's one egg, so, a little pepper. I like a lot of pepper, the color is nice and most importantly, butter. The butter helps to lubricate the egg, it makes it taste better and we all love butter. So now what we do is we tie this pouch up, pull it off really easily, close it up. You want it as tight as absolutely possible because you don't want any of that liquid coming out so twist, twist, twist and here's another trick I'm going to show you. When you want to tie things in the kitchen and you have no twine, you take saran wrap, pull a piece off. Saran wrap is so good, stretch it, stretch it, stretch it, with your fingers, really lightly, kind of like making ribbons you know. Now you have something to tie your pouch with, tighten it up really good, wrap your string and if you have nimble fingers you're going to be amazing at this. Are you a piano player or just a rocket scientist engineer, a soldering iron engineer. So here we go. Now we're going to take it and we're going to put it in a bath, a water bath maintained at 185 degrees Fahrenheit. It's going to cook in that bath for about 12 minutes so the yolk won't be runny. If you want it runny, cook it for seven minutes. We're using a sous-vide supreme today. They're good machines. They have hot spots you have to watch out for but they keep it a really really really straight temperature and they have a timer. Careful, the top is hot, it's steam, it's water. You open it from the back let the steam out and pull this off. You can place this over here. Always use your trusty potholder, thanks Molly, and inside we have water. So you just set it in there, set the timer, twelve minutes and we will wait. Fortunately we have already done this and I'm going to show you kind of a play on a traditional British dish. Let me pull this egg out, there's one already made and this is a, it's already been used so let's put the lid back on, cook our egg. Alrighty so what I have here is a puree of black beans. A lot of British breakfast, kind of a traditional breakfast is beans, tomatoes and eggs with a little bit of toast but we're issuing carbohydrates today and we're going to use beans, tomatoes and eggs, so what we'll do is nicely mix this up just to warm them. I like to puree black beans just for a different texture, you know. They also, it's when you eat a bean and it bursts in your mouth it's a flavor sensation that's different from the one that you get when you get 1,000 beans ground up into one. So this is more beany, let's do it, let's have a little on the plate and we'll take the egg, remove it from the pouch, a set of shears would be nice at this point but what we can do is undo our wrap and undo our egg pouch. And what we have here is really kind of an interesting looking poached egg, place it on the plate here, put some tomatoes around it and what we have is a nice play on a British dish, it's poached eggs, black beans and tomatoes. Now you know how to poach an egg in water with saran wrap. So my name is Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast in Los Angeles and we just poached an egg in saran wrap.


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